Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photo Class, Etc.

I know everybody (or maybe just my aunt) has been interested to see what I come up with for my photography class assignments, so I thought I'd give you all a little peek at what I've been up to. I've definitely learned a lot about my camera in the last week. As in, I've learned what it won't do and how much I want a real camera now.
The first thing we've been learning how to control is depth of field. And the biggest thing I learned is that my camera leaves a bit to be desired in that area. I can only see a measurable change in depth of field if my camera is set on "macro" or "super macro" when I change the aperture settings.
Didn't mean to give anybody a headache.
That's just a quick explanation of what these pictures are all about. First, we were supposed to practice with a tabletop setting - you know, a still life of sorts. I got a little, ahem, carried away with setting up the tabletop and didn't concentrate on the purpose of the exercise very well. I got lots of pretty pictures of the stuff on the table and demonstrated a nice depth of field with the background, but I think the idea was to use what was on the table to demonstrate it. So, here a couple of pretty pictures I took that might not work for my class.

My desktop monitor is showing them as darker than my laptop monitor. I'm going to see what they look like at work and hope they're okay.
Here are a couple that might work for my actual assignment. Which do you like best? I think I like the last one.

And we were supposed to come up with two real-world examples, too. I have three to choose from, with one at a wide aperture and one smaller setting.

The one with the signs doesn't show a really big difference in depth, but it's there and it's subtle. I might turn it in just so that my pictures aren't all of fruit and flowers!
It has been such a crazy week around here. I am really tired. Well, I'm tired, but so happy. I'm getting my feet back under me today and rejoicing in the birth of my tiny baby nephew who is doing so well already. I'm rejoicing in the fact that my sister-in-law is okay and is doing such a great job of looking at the bright side of things. I couldn't be more proud of her. I'm rejoicing that I have more piano students this week than I had last week and that I'm finally doing something I really love. And I rejoiced on my sofa last night in a dark chocolate (85%!) bar and big band records (yeah - the real records. Nothing beats the hiss and pop of vinyl under a needle) while I took a deep breath and looked at my pictures.
I'm tired.
But I'm doing great.


Mary said...

I like your pictures. The table top photos do look a bit dark, but still very pretty. Love the silver pitcher.

Kate said...

I vote for the last table scape, first sign, and last tomato. This is my favorite style of photography -- super concentrating on one spot and letting the rest fall out of focus!

Keep up the good work, girl!

Christy said...

Mary - I totally forgot I even had that pitcher until I was digging around for props! It was up so high on a shelf in my Dr. Seuss kitchen. I remember now that I bought it at a garage sale for, like, a quarter. I loved it sooo much!
Kate - it's my favorite style too :)

claibornes corner said...

Oh, I see a lot of painting reference photos in my future - and I'm in such a slump right now! I like the last one too - want more with that silver pitcher without roses - I hate to paint roses!!!! I'm so proud of you and tell Mindy we are all proud of her too....Isn't is fun saying "Aunt"!!!!