Friday, September 3, 2010


My friend Walt arranged for a piece of Emma's artwork to be on display in a gallery tonight. I cannot even tell you how much this means to me or how much it meant to Emma.
We kept it a secret from her and I wish I could have captured her face when she turned around and saw her artwork on the wall, but I was too busy watching her to think about framing and clicking.

A small room and the wrong lens meant that I couldn't get her and her work-in-its-entirety in the shot, but here is a full shot of her piece:

She was so thrilled.
She got right on the phone and told a few important people about it.

We enjoyed walking around and seeing other peoples' work and talking to folks we knew from here and there. Then we went to get a piece of pizza at our favorite downtown spot.

And I made a discovery.
Sometimes, when a boy thinks you are taking a picture of "only" his sister, he will sit still and not make a funny face. And then, you can shift the focus ever-so-slightly and get an actual picture of a 13-year-old boy.

He is not often caught on camera. It's pretty great when that happens.


Mary said...

Love this! Emma looks truly delighted and I love her eyelashes in that phone picture. Wow.

And then to snare a picture of the elusive 13 year old boy. You really had a good mom night.

Amy Button said...

I love the painting, love the flower in Emma's hair and love the 13 year old boy pictures.

Should I add that you're going to have to beat the girls of with a stick? I'm just sayin'.

claibornes corner said...

I'm so proud that Nana is one of the "people" she called - that meant a lot to me too! She's great and the boy -----------to good looking for words!!!

sarah elizabeth said...

hooray for emma!

lubke-moss said...

Ha! You are such a sneeky mamma. Surprising Emma AND getting the great pic of Andrew. Way to go!