Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Bit

I could not let my favorite seasonal change pass without a little bit of something. Granted, with homework and work and all the other stuff in my life right now, there wasn't much that I could pull together.
So, I got a pumpkin.

A tiny, lonely, perfect pumpkin.

He was aiming to be festive, but he didn't quite make it on his own, so I added a couple of candles.

And that was better. Certainly not the customary celebration of years past, but it was something. I made an apple crisp and my family came over for a bit and it was good. We listened to Vivaldi and sipped on coffee brewed with a cinnamon stick. Then we packed it all back up and I find myself here, wanting to make it all last a bit longer, or even just wanting to go to bed early. Alas, it is not to be. My English homework will not be denied any longer.


Amy Button said...

Love the little pumpkin. I have to admit that although I've never actually been to one of your autumnal equinox parties, I still miss hearing about it. But small, intimate parties are wonderful too. And way less stressful I'm sure. Good luck on your English homework!

Mary said...

He's a stunning little fellow.