Sunday, August 29, 2010


Now I know what's been eating my sweet potato leaves!

But they're so cute, I can't bring myself to do anything about it. The kids and I fell totally in love with them - out in the rain and wet, happily munching away on a delicious treat.

Daily Bliss: gorgeous, slow rain
Wake-up Playlist: The Black Keys, Psychotic Girl


Mary said...

he is pretty cute.

Amy Button said...

They are cute :D

Music Quest said...

Being a foreigner to your parts, I'm not sure what it is. Can you tell me please.

Thanks, sorry about your sweet tater.


Christy said...

Hey Meg - he's just a snail, but I guess the photo's a pretty weird angle. Possibly, though, our snails grow much bigger than what you might see anywhere else. That happens with a lot of critters here because we don't have winter freezes that kill them off. Or do you guys even get snails that far north?

Music Quest said...

Christy, hye ya, we get snails and we get slugs that grow to the size of field mice. I've just never met any.

You'd be amzed what putting on my glasses did to seeing the pic. That's amazing and Emma's cupcakes below looked even more wonderful also . . . can I have one :)


Christy said...