Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It was a dark and stormy day.
She knew she should have been at the piano, analyzing Debussy's Reverie. If she didn't start on it soon, she'd never be ready for her impending recital class.
But a lull in the storms and the promise of more rain lured her to the front porch of her beloved, tiny cottage. Procrastination in the form of quiet introspection was always her greatest talent.

Daily Bliss: Finishing my first week's English assignment
Wake-up Playlist: The Beach Boys, Don't Worry Baby


Mary said...

A piano on the front porch is your next project. Keeping it tuned might be a problem, but it sure would look cool. :)

Amy Button said...

Who can resist a front porch on a rainy day? I sure couldn't. And I'm slightly envious ;)

Anonymous said...

Hye Christie, I'm back . . . from having to replace my computer that crashed with a dead mother board. Sounds painful, doesn't it?

I'm glad you did your Summer of Silence the way you wanted. Good pic of the kids first day of school, they both look so grown up.

Take care and you have a great time with your year in school, it'll go fast.

Cheers, Meg

Christy said...

Mary - maybe that should go on my project list :)
Amy - come sit on my porch any time!
Meg - Welcome back! I'm glad to hear from you :)