Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey Blog! I'm back.
It's been a fantastic week and it's going to take me ages to go through my photos and tell the stories.
Here's a start, though. That shawl I knit last week or something like that? My friend was kind enough to take a few photos of it while we were on the beach this weekend.

Summerflies shawl in South West Trading Company Bamboo


frabjouspoet said...

I am SO HAPPY that some of those pictures were usable! You look so beautiful.

Christy said...

There were more than a few! Thank you so much! It's going to take me forever to sort through all the photos I took this weekend :) but there are some mighty purty ones of you too.

Amy Button said...

It's completely fantastic! I love it :)

Mary said...

Welcome back! Love the shawl.