Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Day

Yesterday was such a good day that I am only just now able to write about it.
Just kidding.
I actually just got too busy to write about it.
But it was a really great day.
I had planned to take the kids to the beach one last time before the end of summer, but it didn't work out. As a consolation prize, we woke up early, stayed in our pajamas and played Star Wars Monopoly. Anybody who's ever played any kind of Monopoly knows that it is an endless game, so that means hours of pajama time. We made a trek out for sodas and Cheez-its and came back home for more Monopoly.
I lost my shirt before anybody else, but let the kids play on while I checked in on my registration status for classes and checked out what books I was going to need. I made phone calls that I'd been putting off and got a lot of things checked off my list.
That's a great feeling.
We watched Wallace & Gromit while we ate lunch and made newspaper seed pots for starting our fall garden tomatoes. They were so easy - just a couple folds and tucks over the rim of a glass. We used one staple in each pot, just for a little additional stability.

I sat on the back porch as an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in and filled the cups with dirt, then Emma helped me tuck the seeds into each cup.

I haven't done a fall season garden yet, but I'm ready to give it a go. I still haven't had a lot of garden success, but I'm giving tomatoes two more chances. There will be plenty of them planted this fall and if it still doesn't work for me, I'll try once more in the spring.
And then I think I'll be done with tomatoes.

At any rate, once the tomatoes were planted, the kids wanted to make a treat, so we put a chocolate cobbler together. The kids did all the work while I read the recipe.

The rest of this week is going to be pretty busy, but I feel so good that we were able to squeeze one more family-fun day in before school starts up.

Daily Bliss: new classrooms at work and a fantastic new student
Wake-up Playlist: The Black Keys, "She's Long Gone"


Mary said...

Sounds like a very good day. Relaxing and productive all at the same time.

Amy Button said...

The tomato pots are brilliant! I bought the fancy peat pots that are supposed to not shock the plants when you plant them and they got shocked anyway. I had more success last year when I grew the yellow pear tomatoes from seed.

Chocolate cobbler sounds divine...mmmmm.