Monday, October 18, 2010


This weekend, in addition to that concert (that went pretty well, by the by), I went to a car show.
I have lots of pictures, but I also have English homework and a math project to get done.
Here's a teaser:


Amy Button said...

Ooh, pretty!

Mary said...

Oh goodness. I almost forgot you take pictures too. I knew you went to the car show but forgot to anticipate all the cool pictures you would get.

Love all the entertainment and art I get from this blog. I'm pretty much getting all my culture from you Christy, so you better keep me on the right path. :)

Love all the shiny in this one.

Christy said...

Oh dear, Mary. I don't know exactly what type of culture I am providing... :) But I'm glad you like my brand of it!