Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am knee-deep in preparations for Emma's birthday party today. Mind you, I have an English paper due in two days and a math quiz on the agenda for tomorrow, but this birthday party is taking over my brain. I guess you can only deny your inner party planner for so long before it stages a coup.
We are having a "Dubble Bubble" party to celebrate the double digits! It seems like a fun thing, right? Well, it's so fun that it's turned into the social event for the entire female population of the fourth grade. I had thought there might be ten girls, at most. In fact, it will be closer to twenty. Sigh.
Things have been going swimmingly, though. I have planned a bubble-blowing contest and a dart-throwing, pop-the-balloon-and-keep-the-gum-from-inside-of-it game. We will make headbands with fuzzy pompoms glued to them and take pictures of all the girls together against a colorful backdrop. I have even hired the daughter of some friends to come and paint faces.
For food? Well, remember when we made all that candied popcorn? The store I bought the flavoring from also carried a bubble gum flavor oil, so I got to work planning all sorts of food around that. Only, when I went to buy it today, they were sold out. Much Googling and panicking happened on that day.
Unfortunately, bubble gum flavoring is not easy to locate. I ended up having to order some from a website with expedited shipping ($$!!) and the only option was to order a case of 24 jars of bubble gum flavor oil!
I am making bubble gum candied popcorn and probably a bubble gum drink of some kind. But that will only use about two of those 24.
My budget-friendly, small-ish party for a few girls has suddenly become bubble-gum-palooza. These things seem to happen to me all the time.


Mary said...

OH Dear! It will make wonderful pictures I'm sure!!! Honestly, I can't wait to hear all the creative ideas you come up with to use up all that bubble gum flavor. You should run a contest. Best idea wins a jar! :) I say that...but I don't have any actual ideas.

Please give Emma a warm hug from Nashville. I pray she has a very special double digit celebration!

60ish and Glad said...

They happen to you because you never SETTLE!~ That is why your creations, be it party, sweater, photo, or food are amazing! THe rest of us settle!>

SO 24 bottles of bubble gum flavor? I suggest you sell it to the supply store. They seem to be out....right?

Amy Button said...

It all sounds fantastic. I can't imagine that much bubble gum but I'm not 10 so I'm not an expert.

I hope your sweet girl has the most amazing birthday ever.

frabjouspoet said...

That all sounds like so much fun that I wish I was in fourth grade again!

Becky Nelson said...

I agree with your mom's terrific idea. Secondly, I think you should be on the auction committee. Your creative muse would be welcomed!

Christy said...

LOL, Becky! Maybe next year :)