Saturday, October 23, 2010

Under the Hood

The danger of going to a car show with my dad is that all of the pictures I take might be of what's under the hood. My dad is a true car guy. He knows lots of obscure information about cars - especially the old ones - and he likes to know how things work. The stories behind all the working parts make me feel like they're so beautiful so I take picture after picture and then, once I'm back home, I don't remember why in the world I have so many images of wires and metal parts.

I still like 'em, though, even if I don't know how they work or what the parts are called. There is artistry and craftsmanship behind each of these cars and I can appreciate that in anything, whether I understand it or not.

Oh - and yeah. That top one?


Amy Button said...

Well, as engines go, these are kinda purty ;)

Mary said...

You are somethin'! These are so cool.

Mary said...

Oooh...a father's day gift for your dad maybe? If he reads your blog, you can just delete this comment. I just thought of my dad and I thought how cool would it be to see these framed for him somewhere.