Thursday, November 19, 2009

Even More Portraits

My brother's house has some really great window light. And my brother Jon has a new Great Dane puppy (His name is Huckleberry! How great is that?). And I needed another portrait or two for my window light portrait assignment.
A convergence of good things.
This one's totally for Winnipeg, my other favorite Great Dane. She would love Huckleberry.

I had lots of fun editing the ones of Mindy and Nolan in Photoshop during class today - just learning the power of what can be done there, even with a good picture.

A couple of things:
My class is almost done. In fact, I'm not entirely sure we will have another assignment, per se. So far, I am registered for the Digital Photography II class. So far. You guys really encouraged me and I thank you. I'm not sure how it'll all work out, but for now, I'm in.
Also, I'm loving the eyeliner tips! I'm going to try all of them! And yes...even purple. Probably.

Daily Bliss: Andrew's symphonic band played at Downtown Disney today and I got to sit on the front row. I am so proud of him! He looked so grown up in his cummerbund and tuxedo pants, and they sounded pretty great too.
Wake-Up Playlist: Debussy, Reverie


lubke-moss said...

First, I am SO thankful to hear Mr. Nolan is doing well. I'll pray for continued recovery and healing for the little man.
Next, WOW. Awesome pics. You really got some good ones. The dog is adorable. And,yes. I love the name, too!

Mary said...

I'm not much of an animal fan...but those are great pictures. You made me like that dog.

mindy said...

oh my, that last picture is magic! little huck sure is a cutie!

Christy said...

Thanks Min :)

Amy said...

I love Huckleberry! The pictures are fab and I hope you're able to work out the class thing. It suits you.

frabjouspoet said...

Winnipeg would love him, indeed!

claibornes corner said...

can't wait to meet Huckleberry - great shots and I'm sooooo glad you are moving on to class #2!!!