Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Portraits, Anyone?

Mindy was kind enough to swing by my house today so I could try to finish up my portrait assignment for tomorrow's class. The weather has not been cooperative - we've had heavy clouds for something like 4 days now! I had a 30-minute time slot, so we had to really slap-dash some pictures together under less-than-ideal conditions.
Surprisingly, these came out really nicely!
Batteries ran out and babies fussed and all sorts of other little things went wrong. Some of these look very different from the others, as I was really looking for a sweet spot in the camera's settings. And once I found it, well, like I said before, the batteries died. So then I spent a while with the next camera looking to get it just right.
In the end, though, in spite of the very different looks some of these have, I really love them all. There were so many good ones, Mindy. I promise you copies of all of them!

Thank you. So. Much. Mindy Sue! You are so beautiful and so is that baby. It was really fun and I can't wait to do a "real" shoot with good lighting! Soon.

On a funny side note, we were really having trouble coming up with an idea for dinner tonight. I haven't been shopping in just forever, I was coming home late from my piano lessons and various other reasons happened that dictated an easy, low-dirty-dish-quotient meal. I had been thinking chili (the cloudy weather has really got me wishing for winter) but the kids all overheard the phone conversation and complained. Somehow, I landed on chili dogs. I was really feeling guilty for picking something so unhealthy. I mean, normally we eat lots of veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. I cook from scratch, for Pete's sake. But I felt a little better when I arrived home, grocery bags in hand.
"What's for dinner, Mom?" is heard even before "hi, Mom!" is heard. I told them we were having chili dogs.

And neither one of them knew what a chili dog was!

Ha! Much less guilt now. I told them what was up. And Emma said it sounded interesting. Of course, they both loved dinner.
Good stuff.


claibornes corner said...

ooooh, the one of Mindy kissing and Nolan is smiling and the close up of her eye holding Nolan.....Beautiful.....
Chili Dogs????? Nana is famous for those. Have you ever had my "hotdog" chili? It's different that chili with beans - mmmmmmmmm wish I had been there...

mindy said...

Oh, I love the ones of me kissing little Nolie-Bear! Thanks again for capturing some wonderful images of me with my boy...can't wait to get copies!

Amy said...

I love them all but #7 is my absolute favorite. The look on Nolan's face is sooo beautiful. I just love babies.

I don't think my kids have had chili dogs either but I used to have them all.the.time as a kid. I wonder if my kids would like them. No need for guilt- a chili dog once in a while doesn't hurt and it ups the fun-factor on an otherwise normal day.

Mary said...

I LOVE that your kids didn't know what a chili dog was. That is awesome.

The pictures are beautiful. Great job. I wish I could kiss that baby. Oh...he just looks too sweet.

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

OMG, he looks like JOE!!!! And MINDY looks amazing as always!