Sunday, November 22, 2009


I seem to be turning into such a sporadic blogger. Hrmph. I certainly didn't meant for that to happen. I have generally blogged at the end of the day to just make sense of things and feel like I'd emptied my head before attempting to sleep, but lately, my days are such a jumble that there is no sense to be made. I'm definitely not being the Girl Who Does It All right now. I'm just the Girl Who Is Trying Hard.
But I'm okay with that.
It just doesn't make for interesting reading.
We had some more car trouble (big surprise) at the end of last week and I got to borrow my baby brother's truck for a while. I really love driving his truck. It's big and nasty and not-at-all shiny. It rumbles and roars and while it takes you where you ask it to, you are jostled and tossed at the whim of the road. But not in an abrupt, sharp way. Just sort of gently moving. Dudes give you The Nod when you pull up at stoplights. This is no pretty suburbanite truck - no. This is a truck. And if you can pop out of that truck wearing a mini skirt, a secretary cardigan, high heels and cat-eye eyeliner, well, you have surprised everyone. And that's pretty fun.
Chris and I had a date on Saturday, and by that I mean all day on Saturday. I got a haircut (Emma did too) and my parents picked up the kids from us in Tampa. We did some Christmas shopping (mostly looking) and watched a movie at the new theatre, at which they serve bistro-style dinners and have a wine list. Seriously - I had popcorn and a nice, cold glass of Riesling. Delish.
That certainly gave me a nice pause in the middle of this crazy time of life. It's so nice to spend a whole day with your honey. And I mean it.
Now I just have to find the will to re-enter life tomorrow. It's my last scheduled week of physical therapy, I have pumpkin to roast for my pies, the kids have table decorations to make, we have family stuff and friend stuff and getting-ready-for-Christmas stuff and just stuff-stuff to do.
I just would rather go back to the movies.

Daily Bliss: living room time with my kids - just hanging out
Wake-up Playlist: Minstrel Number from the White Christmas soundtrack (I guess I'm readier for Christmas than I thought!)


Amy said...

I loooovvveee the Minstrel Number! I haven't actually watched White Christmas yet although I've been meaning to.

So sorry about the car. I think they just hit a point where they make it known that they don't want to drive all that much anymore.

The date sounds fab. What a way to break in a new haircut.

Mary said...

Saturday sounds like a wonderful day. I'm looking forward to being able to have days like that again soon. We are plumb out of days right now. :)

I'm sorry about that stinker of a car. I'm glad again though, that you got people. People you can borrow trucks from and enjoy doing it.

Sporadic as they may be, I always look forward to your posts. Thanks.

claibornes corner said...

Take all the dates you can get with that Honey!!!

christina said...

Mr. Bones, are you seriously going to ROAST pumpkins for your pies? No wonder you're "rattlin'"! I"m not worthy!

Christy said...

Christina - "Ha Ha. That's a good one." :) You BET I'm going to roast pumpkins! It's so easy that you'd wonder why you haven't been doing it yourself...maybe.