Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in pictures (I haven't many words today)

Some of these pictures were taken by me, others by Mindy the Great.
We got some people together to carve pumpkins on Friday night:

This was the first year Andrew missed the party. He's growing up and had other obligations. Sigh. I guess it happens to everybody.
We all got down 'n dirty, slimy and creative. Emma designed her own pumpkin that Uncle Jon helped her carve.

PS - this was the cutest pumpkin of all:

Here's the one Chris and I made:

Emma's Pumpkin:

And the whole group:

My next photography class assignment? Light painting. Here's my first try, using an LED reading light:

Andrew is now officially too old for trick-or-treating and dressing up. He stayed home with me to pass out all the teenagers that came to our door, having not even bothered to dress as anything. Annoying.
Emma was a beautiful butterfly this year, and she got lots of compliments, amid the sea of Disney princesses and glittery pop-star wanna-bes. Someone even told her it was the best costume they'd seen all night!

Also? She got lots of candy!


Amy said...

Ah! Miss Emma is the most beautiful of butterflies! I just love those wings.

I was hoping that you'd post pictures of your pumpkins and I'm not the least bit disappointed. Very cool.

Mary said...

Ooooh...I would have given her lots of candy. I didn't see anything that pretty in our neighborhood.

The light picture is very cool. I want to know how you do that.

Great job on the pumpkins again this year. I am sorry that Andrew missed out and that you all missed out on Andrew too.

mindy said...

as always, joe and i had such a great time hangin out with you guys on friday and's to pumpkin carving, mario cart, and plenty of reese's peanut butter cups!

Christy said...

Amy - glad I did not disappoint :)
Mary - long shutter speed (30 seconds), run in front of the camera, don't stand still and write in the air with a flashlight. if you need more info, email me!!
Mindy - here, here. and many more years to come.

Mary said...

cool. I have to try it.