Saturday, December 26, 2009

Almost There

I promise there will be a thoughtful, sentimental Christmas post coming soon.


We have a pair of lighted, grazing deer in our front yard as Christmas decorations and Chris noted yesterday that Mama Deer's head is not lit. It's burned out.

The same could be said for me. This mama's head is burned out - not functioning.

I slept for nearly twelve hours last night and it was not enough.

There were so many things for Christmas that I wanted to do and didn't get to. I dropped expectations and plans like I was bailing water out of a sinking ship, and still did way too much. But, Christmas technically isn't over until Epiphany, so, I'm going to take my time and Christmas it up with my kids until then.

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Amy said...

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I was clueless about Epiphany. It's probably my Pentecostal roots. *But* that gives me almost a month longer to watch Christmas movies! I'm so excited! I'm so in the Christmas spirit this year.

I'm sorry you're feeling so burned out. I think taking your time is a great idea. And maybe another night with 12 hours of sleep :)