Saturday, December 12, 2009

He's Catching On

That boy of mine cracks me up.
We were eating at our favorite local pizza spot and our pizza had just been brought to the table. Chris put a piece on each of the kids' plates, served me and was reaching for his dinner.
Andrew made a complaining noise and noted that it was the slice he'd wanted for his second helping.
Chris promptly informed him, "When you're the man and you're paying for the pizza, you can pick your own piece."
Andrew noted the unfair truth: "When I'm a man and I'm paying, I'll have to give the mom that piece."


60ish and Glad said...

Right out of the manual titled "Sacrifice is Manly"....And the mom will say to Andrew's Dad: "Thanks for not giving him that piece!"

Great story. Hope THIS comment makes more sense than my last one written in a daze.

Mary said...

A good indication that Chris has been doing his job well. Too funny.

christina said...

Nice. At least he knows. :)