Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sh. Don't Tell Anybody, K?

I went to a Miley Cyrus concert last night.
I know.
It's a little embarrassing to admit. I'm way too much of a cool indie music person to do something like that (said the girl who actually likes lots of way uncool music). It's just that pop music not my thing and I'm pretty anti-brand name and anti-pop culture and all that stuff - especially when it comes to my kids.
I don't like it when people raise their kids to idolize people that they've never even met. I'm sure Miley's a nice enough girl, but I don't know her or anything (though my brother's met her and says she's super-nice. I guess she likes his band and they all met up in Dallas), so we try not to look up to her in my house. Does that make enough sense without being mean? I hope so. I don't mean it to be.
I will say this - I was surprised by her voice. She really has a powerful, beautiful instrument. The show was pretty great and I was impressed with her stamina (oh, to be young!) and her ability to sing really well live. Not everybody sounds good when they aren't being helped out by a good producer.
I digress.
Emma's friend's mom called up and asked if they could take Emma to the concert - she had bought tickets for her daughter to take a friend as a birthday gift and Emma was the Lucky Chosen One.
She was super-excited!
But I couldn't let some other mom take my daughter to her first concert! I especially couldn't let some other mom take my daughter to a concert as important as this one - the one every girl between the ages of 6 and 14 wants to see (and, as evidenced by the weird, grown woman getting her groove on a couple aisles in front of me, plenty of other ages of girls want to see Miley in concert...). So I bought a ticket.
My seat wasn't exactly close to Em and her friend but it turns out there was one un-sold seat next to them, so I sort of sidled into that one and got to be with her the whole time. The seats were great - very close, actually. It was the Fan Club Section. You could actually see all the performers on the stage and even make out their faces from where we were.
Pretty sweet deal.
It was so special to share such an important night with my daughter. We bought a new outfit for her, down to the brand new cowgirl boots. She felt cute. You could tell by the way she was swaggering. We made it a full-on girls' night with dinner out and lots of chit-chat (sorry, Karen! I sure talk a lot more when I'm tired!). The girls screamed and squealed and danced and were all-around cute. We moms might have done some of that, though Other Mom was a mite more dignified than I. I wanted to make sure I was participating fully - that's all.
Anyway, I won't offer criticism or praise for the Performer Herself, just know that I endured an evening filled with screaming girls and pop culture, things which I normally avoid at all cost, in order to make a fantastic memory with my girl.
It was so, so worth it.
PS - It was even a lot of fun.

Daily Bliss: ice cream. pomegranate-dark-chocolate ice cream.
Wake-up Playlist: Girls' Night Out, Miley Cyrus (what? it's not like i control this stuff!)


Mary said...

That is so cool. She was in Nashville recently and we happened to be in a restaurant for Ivan's birthday when lots and lots of those little fans came in with their matching t-shirts and homemade signs. They were adorable.

So glad you were still able to get a ticket and go with your girl!

claibornes corner said...

Wow - first concert! Mine was in 1964 The Beach Boys! Mother dropped off my friend and I and had to pick up us afterwards but it was great - I was "in love" with the drummer!!!!! DUH!

Jessica said...

What a good mommma you are :) You both looked beautiful and I think it's great you were able to put your feelings about pop-culture aside and have fun anyway!