Friday, December 4, 2009

Photography Class - Final

Last night was my next-to-last photography class for this semester. I had thought my professor asked us to "shoot like crazy and bring in three more images" as a final assignment. I found a few pockets of time, though it was difficult to find them, and took some pictures. But then I got to class and found out we were only supposed to narrow down our portraits to three final ones and bring in any more that we shot over the holiday week.
I was really happy with my portraits I'd turned in - you've all seen them - the one of Jon & his dog Huckleberry, the one of Emma with the giant flower on her head, and the ones of Mindy & my little nephew Nolan. I added in the one I took of Becky & her honey that I showed you a few days ago and called it good.
However, I had several images that I had planned to turn in and thought maybe you'd like to see them. I am open to critiques and opinions. I just want to know what you guys like to see. Some of you lurkers out there - I'd love to hear from you.

First up, Christmas lights:

A cute little ladybug:

Some grasses in gorgeous morning light:

This one's my favorite:

A sweet mama belly (check it out Becky - I gave him a new fingernail!):

And, just for fun, a robot raiding my fridge:

I had planned to save the robot and show you later, as I've been doing kind of a series of him in random situations, but since I thought about turning it in as an assignment, I figured I'd go ahead and post it.

I've had so much fun in this class. I've definitely learned a lot and I'm so looking forward to next semester!


Mary said...

I like the first lights picture, the second to last grass picture and I'm impressed with the new fingernail even though I don't know what the original looked like. I zoomed in on his fingers and I can't tell what was changed. I think the robot is very cute, but I wouldn't have known what it was. Probably if I saw the entire series it would make more sense to me. I want to see them.

Kate said...

Can't wait to see the ones of Zeke!

Christy said...

Mary - I'm so glad you couldn't detect the fingernail!!

There will definitely be more pictures of Zeke to come...I was going to launch a new blog for my photos and less personal stuff and I was waiting on that to start posting the series of Zeke the Robot, but I'm starting to think I won't get around to it.

Amy said...

Love the lights, love-love the ladybug, love the grasses, love the preggers picture. Fantastic job!

Jessica said...

I love the ladybug and the last flower shot! They are gorgeous. But I think the robot is the best :)

mindy said...

love the ladybug and the "mama belly" pictures...fabulous work christy!!