Thursday, December 10, 2009

At Least I'm Consistent.

We need to talk.
(If you are the mother of one of my nephews, you must not, for any reason at all, click on any of the links in this post! I'm watching you...)
I have told myself all year long that I would not be making hand-made Christmas presents for everyone this year. And I have meant it all year long.
I mean, after the knitting debacles and sleeplessness that nearly took me out last year, could you blame me? For heaven's sake - I wound up lying to my husband about needing a bath and sitting in the tub with my knitting hanging safely over the edge of it, actually bathing and knitting at the same time.
I made everyone hand-made stuff for their birthday presents and promised that I'd be buying stuff this year instead.
But I have little nephews. And I wanted to knit them some stuff. Two baby boys and one toddler boy - that's not so bad. I can make three presents, right? Wellll...I need to make something for my own kids too. So that's five presents. Totally do-able.
Only, I got started and it has snowballed.
I made one little present for one little nephew and I felt pretty good that I was done with it. I mean, five homemade presents, one done, that', right? Next I started in on baby nephew present #2. And I am completely smitten with it. Utterly smitten with it. The clever shaping, the simple lines, the unrelenting cuteness...
Suddenly, nephew present #2 is looking cooler than the first present. We can't have that. I love all my babies the same amount. The designer of said amazing pattern offers a few, shall we say, variations of the same (here and here) and...and...
And there you have it. I find that I need to make one variation for each nephew. However, I already made one present, so nephew #1 now has two handmade presents in the works. We must even the score. Now, each nephew must have two handmade presents. I realize that a normal person would keep the first gift to give for the next birthday, but I can't. I am not a patient girl. Plus, nephew #3's present? The original one, I mean, not the one I have stumbled into, is too cool for school. I won't sleep unless I make it.
This, effectively, doubles the amount of hand-making I will be doing, you see, because now each nephew is getting two hand-made gifts and I hafta do the same for my children.
It may be that I've defined a new mental illness here.

But wait! There's more!

Just like everyone else in the universe, we are a little strapped this year - financially speaking. Not nearly as badly as some, but enough that it pinches my present budget uncomfortably. And I thought of another great, practically free, gift to make for everybody else too. This should have been a simple task.

It should have been.

You will have to forgive my cryptic communication here, as many of those on my gift list read this blog.

Let us suffice it to say that I have learned a lot about a certain ancient craft. One that seemed it should be simple. One that promised lovely results. One that has been far more difficult than I could have imagined, but also one that I cannot get out of now because I must. conquer. it.

It's personal.

So, in spite of my promises, this season will be filled with frazzle dazzle and sleepless nights. It seems to be my destiny. I've decided not to fight it.

For now.

PS - If you are not the mother of one of my nephews and you do click on the links, please word your comments carefully!


mindy said...

oh've done it again! martha stew's got nothin' on you. i'll be good and not click on any links, but i'm so excited my boy is getting handmade kiki gifts this year!

Christy said...

Thanks Min :) She might not have anything on me, but she's probably a little more sane than I am too!

Mary said...

Are you Santa? I think you must be. No sleep at Christmas time. It's have so many people fooled. Of course...I see it live in Florida! Who would look there?

Knitting over the side of your bathtub. CLASSIC!!! I think you are fantastic and I can't wait to see what you do next. I'm just sorry that you have to lose sleep to do it all. Heaven will be a sea of resources and there will be no ticking clock. And if you don't get some sleep you'll get there a lot sooner.

Take care of yourself girl.

Jessica said...

I especially love nephew gift number 1!! Can you be my Aunt? :)

60ish and Glad said...

Ad richer - while your skills are rarely surpassed you are not the money-making type. And one my goodness - can I have one? Pioneer Woman style? - Next Christmas.....

Christy said...

Mary - you figured me out. I guess the cat's out of the bag :)
Jessica - I have totally been picturing present #1 for Thrasher. Can I teach you to knit so he can have one?

Amy said...

I love them all. They're so sweet and snuggly. And yes, you may have possibly lost your mind. I hope you find it again after Christmas :)

Becky Nelson said...

I have so much yarn at my cubicle that it looks like a closet. PLEASE come and take some soon!
Becky Nelson