Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Christmas-ing

We had the best time last night sipping French Press coffee (yes - all four of us! Emma declared it to be "earthy.")from fancy cups, eating Christmas cookies and playing a far-too-long game of Clue.

Andrew really held his own with the strategy, but Emma mostly enjoyed tossing wild accusations around the room, especially against her brother.

I'm working on putting my head back together, so here are a few random moments from the season -
Andrew's Christmas Parade Float (his Tech Club built it and he played with the Jazz Band on it):

Emma at her school's Christmas program:

Somebody told her she looked like a vampire, so she obliged:

They hang these lights in the sanctuary every year. I think they look so magical.

They still had them up for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Services and I really loved them. There is something about the lights all going out, the candles being lit and voices singing Christmas carols together that warms me right to the middle of my soul.

I still have one more batch of Christmas cookies to go before I call it quits for this year, but they will have to happen tomorrow. Tonight, I am celebrating! Fifteen years ago this morning, I married my sweetheart and we are goin' on a date!


mindy said...

French press coffee is the best, isn't it? In fact, I'm drinking a cup right this very minute. :)

And Emma is so cute and hilarious in these photos, I can hardly stand it!

Mary said...

I love it. We are celebrating late into Christmas too. Still gifting and cooking at Great-grandmas.

I really like the picture of Emma sitting on her desk. She looks sassy. :)

Becky Nelson said...

I personally celebrate twelve days of Christmas...too busy before Christmas to even feel anything, so I love the relative calm afterwards. Love the "sweetheart" picture; love grows deeper. ~Becky