Friday, March 26, 2010

Back on Track

Internet is back up and running (nice and fast).
Just in time for me to go out of town.

A couple of quick things:
My grandma is doing well and is expected to come home today. She had a couple of blips in her recovery and ended up with a second surgery. We were all very scared. But she's a trooper and pulled through nicely! Go, Gram!

My in-laws don't really have internet at their house. I will be out of touch for a bit. Addict that I am, I will probably try and find a Starbucks or something that will let me plug in and keep up with you all. Fingers crossed.

Tennessee friends - yes. Friday. Next Friday. City yet-to-be-determined. If you find the time, will you send me your phone numbers? I will have my little Blackberry. I am thinking we'll solidify something early next week. I can't wait to see however many of you can make it and Emma is beside herself with the hope that she can see Chloe.



Amy Button said...

You're so funny! I love it that you blog while on vacay although I never do.

I mentioned seeing you guys to Chloe and Halle and there was much excitement in the mini van. Halle said "Emma! We know her!" I hope we can work it all out. We'll be back in town on Thursday, ready to go wherever. Travis is off too so it will be the whole Button gang (probably minus Amanda although she'd love to see you guys too).

mindy said...

Yes, her second surgery was scary, thrilled she's doing well!

Have fun on your trip....I know I've already said it, but you will surely be missed!