Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sew...What's New

Sorry for that ultra-cheesy title. I haven't finished my coffee yet this morning, but I wanted to catch you up on a few projects that have been going on around here.
I told some of you last week that I'd made a nightie out of a shower curtain and refashioned a men's dress shirt into a ruffly one.
Then some of you asked for pictures.
Then I told some of you I'd have some on the blog this weekend.
I was very wrong.
So, time has gone by this week and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to take some photos - you know, good lighting, a nice backdrop and a tripod. I guess I wanted to prove that I'm a good photographer by only having great photos on this blog or something.
Anyway, that perfect moment never happened and I just took a few snapshots this morning.
I give you the ruffly shirt from a men's shirt:

I just sort of winged it on this one. I took a couple of measurements on myself and started cutting. Winging it is hard for me. I can only manage it while holding my breath and squinting my eyes shut. That made it hard to cut straight.
Anyway, I made the bias tape trim myself out of some pretty toile-ish fabric scraps I had laying around and tucked a little crocheted lace into them as well to pretty things up a bit,

and then I added ruffles down each side of the button placket, made from strips of fabric from the sleeves that I'd cut off. Next time I'll do the ruffles before the bias tape, but like I said, I was winging it. Evidence that I was winging it includes the seventy-four seams per side that it took to attach the ruffles. Don't look too close, okay?

Next, I leveled off the bottom and opened side vents at the seam - you know, to accommodate my mamma-sized hips, but I left the embroidered brand name intact. I think it's kind of a nice homage to the whole idea of re-using.

And now, here's the shower curtain nightie, morning hair and all:

I had some really soft lace that made the perfect, simple straps and yoke.

I applied a second layer of the embroidered edging to the bottom, but I left the seam on the outside, unfinished, so it would fray a little bit.

I never want to take the nightie off! I've had the shower curtain saved for a couple of years now with the intent to make a nightie from it in mind from the start. As a matter of fact, when I bought it, I said to myself that it would make a beautiful nightie and I would do that with it when I replaced the shower curtain. So, this project has been five or six years in the making. I'm so glad I finally got around to it.
I have a couple of new, knitted hats to, but no pictures just yet. I'm busy de-stashing in all departments of my crafting supplies.


Hopefully, this will help me prioritize the things I want to make - and hopefully, bring a slew of new "see-what-I-made" posts to share with you :)

Daily Bliss: my little nephew, visiting me and wearing a hand-knitted (by his mommy) hat with ears on it
Wake-up Playlist: Uprising, Muse


Amy Button said... I could squeal (if I did girlie things like that) they're so fantastic! That's the kind of things that I envision myself sewing...and then I remember that I hate sewing. I just love, love, love them...really.

Christy said...

You crack me up, Amy :) Here's the thing - it turns out that I don't like sewing either. I just like the clothes. I'm so glad you like my stuff!

mindy said...

that ruffle-y tank and nightie are so perfect for spring....what great timing! :)

Amy Button said...

Well, then maybe I'll try to stitch a few things together...maybe. I have a little girl that would love it.

Mary said...

Great work. You are an inspiration. Keep it coming.

60ish and Glad said...

Oh My! Where did you get all of THAT! You must be Nana Claiborne's girl! What can you make out of old flannel jammies? I love my white with cherry jammies but they - hmm - don't fit anymore - (the legs shrunk! Really!)

claibornes corner said...

love love love the nightie but i want to see the hats!!! Camera on it's way - it did NOT stop in Atlanta!