Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I think I am kind of coming down from the adrenaline that has kept me trucking through my insane life these past couple of years. All I want to do is sleep.
Not that I'm actually sleeping that much.
There have been sick kids and missed appointments and...
awww, heck.
Nobody wants to read that crap.

Chris brought home a giant Hershey's bar from the store tonight. They were two for $1 at Walgreen's! So, we were going to curl up in front of our warmly glowing computer screen and watch something entertaining online (remember - we don't have TV anymore because we were too lazy to get our digital converter box when they were easy to find and we are far too lazy to try and find one now). But honestly? I think I just want to curl up and go to bed. I don't get overcome by the sleepies very often, so when I do, I figure it's best to surrender.

Oh - before I forget - both of my kids have posted in recent weeks on their blogs, which they haven't done in quite a while. If you are one of their "followers" with permission to view their posts, make your way over to visit them. Comments make their day!

Daily Bliss: a new piano student that I adore


Amy said...

Oh, I don't mind listening about kids and appointments :)

How nice to get a giant chocolate bar! I'd like one of those right about now.

Get some deserve it. Your body can only take so much you know.

Mary said...

We didn't have a TV for the first...oh I don't 8 years of marriage. But we did have a computer and we did watch TV on it now and then. We watched a lot less before we purchased an actual big screen and we are amazed at how consuming it has become.

I hope you enjoyed that chocolate bar. Since you were having one I had a little Oreo truffle today...ya feel a kinship. It may have been more than one.

Christy said...

Mary - I'm always happy to enable your chocolate consumption. I think I felt the kinship from all the way down here.
Amy - thanks. I think I will get some rest :)