Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Growing

I learned a lot about gardening last year.
A whole, whole lot.
Mostly, I learned that I'm not very good at it. Gardening in Florida requires discipline and fungicide, pest control and vigilance against root rot and I'm not good with a lot of those things.
But, I needed to try again and so far, things are going swimmingly in spite of this winter and spring being some of the worst for tomatoes. That is gospel truth, straight from my tomato guy - he has over 300 varieties of tomatoes all in various stages of growth! And so, I give you wee tomatoes:

Here's a tomato from the previous season that I had all but given up on.

He lost almost all his branches to what I thought was powdery mildew or something like it, but I've kept watering him and now he has new sprouts and even a few blossoms! That's enough to instill a bit of hope in this admittedly ability-challenged gardener.
We also have pretty rows of beets,

a few cucumber seedlings hanging out by the big plants until they get a more permanent home,

mustard greens and lettuces growing in my formerly-upside-down-tomato pots (I seem to do better with 'maters when they're right-side-up),

orange blossoms,

and blueberry bushes - a hedge of baby ones that Chris and I planted in honor of our 15th anniversary (don't mind all the weeds creeping up on this little one - it's been very rainy and they shall be eradicated as quickly as they sprang up).

Oh - and I have mint and thyme in a box together, getting along just fine with each other so far.

We also have peas growing everywhere, but I don't have a photo of them. They don't always do well this far south, but I bought a packet of seeds for, like, a dollar, so I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.

Here's hoping!


Mary said...

So much of it sounds so good. You are going to have the best time consuming all that goodness aren't you? I can smell the mint. I miss that. We had it growing wild in a corner of our backyard in MI. Whenever dad cut the grass it was a little tea party for my nose.

Amy said...

I do envy how quickly you guys get to plant things down there. I won't get to plant anything until sometime in April.

You have so many things growing! That's so cool...

mindy said...

i'm just envisioning all the yummy salads you'll be able to make with the harvest from this garden....just be sure to invite me over when you do, k? ;)