Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just Kidding

Welp, I guess they didn't take care of our phone stuff yet, 'cause I've still got an internet connection. And as long as I'm connected, I might as well post some more pictures, huh?
The weather here continues to be unbelievably gorgeous. We met up with my parents and Joe, Mindy & Nolan at the downtown market.

Mindy finally has her own camera back from my evil clutches, so we did the cheesy I'm-taking-your-picture-while-you-take-mine shot:

This market wants to be a produce market,

but it's really more of a flea market.

I don't shop there often, because there are really only about two produce vendors. But I will say that what they have is really beautiful - especially right now. Spring in Florida brings our best season for fruits and veggies.
Did I just say spring?
Oh dear.
Happy Vernal Equinox, everybody.
This is the first time something-like-eight years that I totally forgot. I didn't make our birds' nest breakfast and we didn't plant anything. So far, the kids haven't noticed. I think I want to keep it that way. Perhaps I'll make it to the grocery store and manage to toss together our breakfast tomorrow. And perhaps I'll tell them a little white lie - that tomorrow is the equinox. Don't tell anybody, okay?
Then again, perhaps I'll let it slide. We have a lot going on and they're getting bigger...
Ah, but mother guilt will probably keep me from doing that. It's the worst.

Also today was Andrew's band MPA, which is the special day of the year that brings judgment on all young musicians. The symphonic bands play for a panel of judges and receive a rating - Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor.

Chris and I pretended to be real adults and chaperoned. We even got to ride on the bus (yippee!), but they didn't let us make out in the back seat or anything, so, it wasn't as much fun as it could have been.
The band did pretty well - their performance was rated as Excellent and their sight-reading was Superior.

And now I take my leave. I have to decide whether to celebrate this dang Equinox tomorrow and if I do, I still have to go to the store to get all the stuff.


Mary said...

Happy Spring!

mindy said...

gorgeous photos!! such a lovely reminder of a fantastic weekend.