Thursday, March 18, 2010


The panorama assignment for my class this week ended up being pretty simple and totally fun. I had a great time trying to pick out things that would offer a different-looking perspective if put into one large image. I mean it. It was fun.
I learned a few things too. You can't really know how these images are going to turn out until you try a few, so there are definitely things I would do differently if I were going to re-shoot - I'd be more careful about lining up the middle of the image and I'd be mindful of catching a little bit extra outside the bounds of what I wanted in the image, because once they're all stitched together, you end up cropping out a lot.
I also learned that I like Photoshop's panorama tool way better than the one I found for The Gimp. Maybe there's more out there for Gimp, but I don't know. I'm going to have to find out because - wow. It's a really big difference.
Wanna see what I did? As with the previous sample, know that these are re-sized to fit on the ol' blog here, and if you click on them you will see them a little bigger (but not nearly as big as the original file).

Of course, you saw the budgies. This one's just a little bit different than the first, but not much.

But there are cabbages too.

And I took a picture of this cool building top downtown:

This was an off-the-cuff one inside a fabric store that I loved:

Finally, here's Mindy sitting and gazing up and up and up:


Mary said...

These are really fun Christy. I like the one of Mindy the best I think...then the fabric...but that could be because I'm a sucker for pretty fabrics all stacked neatly on a shelf in coordinating colors. Ah...the quilting section...I love it.

mindy said...

oh my gosh! love them all. especially the fabric store and the one of me downtown. your professor was nailed this!

Amy Button said...

I love them all!

Taylor said...

Neat panoramas! I wish I knew how to do that.