Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh my. Emma is done with the third grade.
This was her last day of school for this year and the atmosphere was electric.
That could also be attributed to the sugary snacks and juice drinks being handed out to kids at their classroom parties. I can't be sure.
I came to the awards ceremony this morning. She asked me to.
I have to be honest, those things can really drag on and on. I sat near the back of the chapel and applauded in all the appropriate places.
I also knitted quite a bit.
That shrug of Emma's will be done soon if I can keep up this pace.
She did come home with a couple of certificates for piano - one of them was the "Outstanding Piano Student" award for the third grade. She's mighty proud and so are we, of course.
She helped me sprint through a very busy afternoon of piano lessons and baking and such. I got to work with a sweet high school clarinet player today who I will accompany on Sunday, playing a little bit of Mozart. That was so lovely - she is going to sound terrific. I also made dinner for a family with a new baby (yeah. again.), some cookies to go with it and some bread too. And since I was baking bread, I made enough to bring to our church group meeting tonight too.
I made four loaves of bread.
I am pretty tired tonight. I had no idea I would be able to over-commit with such aplomb even after I left my desk job. It's amazing, really.
Over-committing might even be my secret superpower.
I do know that the bread was good, but the cookies were dry and the chili? I didn't taste it till later. It was not my best. It's actually white bean & chicken chili. It has cilantro and lime and cumin and lots of other good stuff in it and I may have overdone the lime. Maybe.

That's what I get for mixing Mozart with my usual mayhem.

Daily Bliss: standing outside in my apron, with Emma, trying to encourage the rain to come a little closer to our house
Wake-up Playlist: well, it was more Beethoven. I won't bore you with the details.


mindy said...

my goodness, i can't believe our little Emma is starting fourth grade this year....slow down, time!

Mary said...

Good bread makes up for a lot in other areas of the meal. And for the record...I love pretty much anything with lime and cilantro.

Emma and fourth grade are going to be GREAT. That's a fantastic year don't you think? One of my favorites as an elementary student.

Amy Button said...

Congrats to Emma! That's fantastic!

The white bean and chicken chili sounds amazing...may I have the recipe please?