Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Tuesday

Sigh. The holiday weekend is over.
That's so sad, isn't it?
Today was just a Tuesday. It's a Tuesday in limbo. We are straddling our changing schedule - one foot in the school year, the other in summer.
I did a little sewing today on that dress I keep talking about. It will be finished one day, I guess. We'll be going to Epcot soon and I hope I have it done in time to wear it for the day.
I did a little work in the garden. The worms and caterpillars seem under control for now, but I'm finding more and more squash bugs. I guess that's the way of things.
I played a little Beethoven on the piano. I sort of haven't played for the last week or so. My fingers feel so stiff! Ugh. It'll take me another week to regain what I've lost, I'm sure.
I taught a couple of piano lessons and I made a salad for a school club picnic.

I guess this is just a What I Did Today list. Not interesting, but not every day is interesting.
There you have it.
The plain truth of it all.

I think I will eat popcorn in bed with my hubby while we watch Nova on hulu or something. That seems like a nice sort of nothing-ish way to end the day. Maybe we will get a little crazy and eat some chocolate too.

You know you're jealous. C'mon. Admit it.

Daily Bliss: Watching Andrew try to help a dying butterfly. I know that sounds sad, but we found it in our yard - just nature taking its course, I guess. But his compassion for creatures of all sizes moves me so deeply. He desperately hoped I would have an idea that could revive it. I didn't, but his desperation made me such a proud mama.


Amy Button said...

You know, nothing days are highly underrated. It sounds just fine to me, especially the popcorn and chocolate part.

Sweet Andrew. That reminds me of something Chloe would do. I guess I miss out on the sweet side of boys since I don't have any.

claibornes corner said...

Andrew is just like me - I can't leave an animal in the yard - like my poor Baby Bunny! Wondering if you found the Shrug pattern I like so much????

Mary said...

"Just Tuesdays" are almost inevitable after a really good Memorial day weekend.