Monday, June 7, 2010

Onslaught of Photos

Our day at Epcot was so fantastic! It's a super-enormous playground for people who love learning and imagining - just like my family! So we felt right at home.
A couple of notes before we begin:
1) I'm not going to write a lot. I am tired. The pictures probably speak for themselves anyway.
2) If I ever decide to become a "photographer," I will probably regret putting unedited snapshots on my blog. But (see item #1).

My favorite people:

Here's Andrew posing with a crash test dummy. He was wearing his Buster (the Mythbusters crash test dummy) shirt. It was a beautiful moment of destiny.

We all really enjoyed the World Showcase area of the park. There was so much to see - fun rides and Disney-tastic sets and replicas like only Disney can do. Plus? Oh yes. Amazing food.


In France, of course, something sweet from the patisserie for my future French pastry chef. There was even a girl named Emma - from France, of course - working in the patisserie! Le sigh.

I seem to have taken lots of pictures of colorful lights in random places.

Kids doing even more stuff:

Fireworks and lasers at the close of the day:

One last glimpse of the famous Epcot ball as we left:

Lastly, just for my aunt, here is a tomato tree with Andrew's head blocking the view a little bit.

It is nowhere near the size of the one I saw last time, which they specifically mentioned on the tour as being the record-breaking tomato tree. Still, it's pretty impressive!

I'm sure you can tell that we had loads of fun. It was definitely hot out - the heat index was somewhere around 104! But we really enjoyed just being together and roaming through the park at our own pace. We could probably spend three days straight in the park and not do everything we wanted to do. Here's hoping for a timely return.


Mary said...

Such great photos. Love that you guys had such a great time. Makes me long to take the boys when they are all potty trained and very close to being cool.

60ish and Glad said...

Those photos of Chris and the kids are amazing! THey will remember it for a long time! Remember coming to Florida and going to DIsney when you were Emma's age?

Amy Button said...

104?!? I.can't.imagine. Oh wait, I can...and it makes me nauseous. I've become a wilty little flower up here :D

I know, that's what the air conditioned rides are for. It's the reason I ever found out there was a cheesy little ride in Mexico. That's what the icy drinks are for. Ok, I feel better now.

When I looked at the ball, I felt a twinge. Sigh. I will never quit missing the places.

Even though Drew isn't really smiling, he's as cute as can be and Emma is just a doll. Love the Mythbuster shirt. Love that you guys had such a great time. I know this is just one thing but it seems like things are really coming together for you guys. That's a really good thing.

Christy said...

Mary - just wait! It's soooo fun!
Mom - thanks :) and yes. I do. I remember eating German food there with Grandpa!
Amy - that's the good thing about Epcot. So much of it is inside! I think you're right - things are very good right now and I'm savoring it as much as I possibly can.

JessRaquel said...

I still have yet to visit Epcot and Dinseyworld and Florida in general, it looks like so much fun! I'll have to go soon though with the Harry Potter theme park opening in a few weeks! Glad you had so much fun!

claibornes corner said...

Wow- where can we get a tomato tree??????? I love it and all the photos - LOVE Andrew's hair - HOT! And Emma is beautiful as always. I would have "melted" and would have been looking for shade, diet coke and a cigarette!!!!

mindy said...

um, take me to norway, please...i want whatever those yummy looking pastry things are. :)

Christy said...

JessRaquel - it's so much fun, but yeah. Wait for Harry Potter! I've seen it in progress and it looks amazing.
Nana - it's actually just a regular old tomato plant that's pruned and trained up!
Mindy - let's go. I can't wait to go back :)

Music Quest said...

Great Photos, Christy :)