Monday, May 31, 2010


I guess I took a rather unscheduled holiday. I mean, I hadn't intended to, it just happened.
You know how it goes - one day of sleeping in and doing nothing sort of leads to another and before you know it, three or four days have just slipped by, leaving nothing accomplished in their wake.
Maybe not "nothing," I guess.
There has been lots of daydreaming and eating good, fresh food - some of it was even from my garden.

There was a knitting night with yummy treats.

We have drawn and re-drawn and measured and drawn again a master plan for a super-intense backyard garden. Almost an urban homestead, really.
We watched movies with our kids and I played with my nephew.
I went out for coffee with some good friends who did me a huge favor. Thanks, guys - for the coffee time and that other thing!

We pinched off just a taste of summer before it was quite ready and gobbled it right up. It's going to be a good one. I can tell.

This week starts the summer semester at the music studio. My student load will be a bit lighter and consequently, my wallet will be too. But you know what? Things are still coming my way - good things. We will be okay.

Daily Bliss: Banana boats - made with coconut, almond butter and dark chocolate! Oh - and the fun time outside with my kids. That was good too.


mindy said...

so glad you had a chance to rest and relax this weekend. and i'm also very glad you saved me one of those delicious was just what i needed. :)

Amy Button said...

Mmmmm, it all sounds so yummy :)

claibornes corner said...

The tomatoes look yummy - I've got green ones right now - I can't wait!!!

Music Quest said...

Oooh those tomatoes look so yummy, what I love best in a salad. The cupcakes ~ perfection. What a spread, not like a nothing been accomplished time at all.


Mary said...

Mmmm. It sounds like a lovely taste of summer. I'm sure you will relish every bit of what's to come.