Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I didn't think that list was so ambitious when I wrote it, but you guys were right! It was a lot.
I didn't sew and I didn't clean out my yarn.
That's about all I didn't do, though.
My brother came over to visit. He's just back in town from his band's farewell tour. Their last stop was in Toyko, and he brought some cool swag for the kiddos from Japan. We've missed him so much and it was nice to just be in the same room. Our other brother came over too. It's a little bit rare to have us all three in the same room these days - what with busy, grown-up lives and families. So, I think that was a much better way to spend my time than sewing, yes?

There isn't much more excuse, though. I've hemmed and hawed about starting this dress and I need to just do it. It could be said that I shouldn't be blogging right now either. That is just part of my plan to avoid starting this project. I don't know if I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up or what, but I've had this fabric and pattern picked out since (cringe) last summer. It's high time I get this underway.
An inquiry was made about the Whisper Cardigan that's over in that little projects sidebar. Let me say that I really did love the look of the finished project. I did. It's beautiful and I seldom knit anything for myself. I cast it on with great hope last fall. I knit about an inch of the first sleeve.

And it stops there.

I love the yarn. It's red Malabrigo lace yarn. Yum. I love the pattern. I think it just looks like it will take forever and...what if I don't like it? Aaaak! So, instead I am knitting a quick shrug out of cheap cotton and I'm planning to cast on a gorgeous lace shawl with my Christmas present yarn. Maybe I will just frog that sweater and start over. I don't know.

It would seem that my projects sidebar needs updating. I will try to do that this week.

It would also seem that I have a problem with craft commitment. I am afraid to start new projects because I am afraid they will fail. Normally, I would apply that kind of reasoning to the big stuff in life and normally, I am kind of a kamikaze crafter. But maybe...

Maybe I'm bravely forging ahead into school and music and facing my own fears so much that I'm just transferring that behavior elsewhere.

Also, maybe I shouldn't think too deeply before I've had another cup of coffee.
It's getting dangerously personal around here.


Music Quest said...

I'm still proud of you for getting as much done as you did, and you had a visitor too.

You sound like me with crafts, a huge list of things I really want to do and put it off till . . . ? You are still doing great and yes, do have another cup of coffee.


christina said...

The only way I can escape the paralyzing (and many times self-fulfilling)fear that a project won't work out the way I want it to, I try to look at the process of doing it as a learning process. Then, I know I'll learn something, and if it happens to turn out great, that's a bonus! If not, I can apply what I learned to my future endeavors.

claibornes corner said...

You did good and anything you make is fab!!! and I LOVE "simple" lace - it's not boring!!!

Mary said...

No sense committing to what is fun when you already have commitments to honor elsewhere. That takes all the fun away and leaves sludgy guilt behind. Blech.

Amy Button said...

Amanda is going to be so bummed to hear their tour is over. She had hoped they would come to Nashville.

Take a breath, relax and have some fun. I'm not sure crafting is worth it unless you're enjoying it.