Monday, May 17, 2010

A Plan

Today, I will:
1) knit on my porch on this breezy, cool, sticky-humid morning while I
2) wait for the rain that's been promised
3) visit with my baby nephew and cover him with kisses
4) start cutting fabric for a new dress
5) make dinner for a family with a new baby
6) maybe even make some bread
7) teach piano
8) dream about my fall garden
9) clean up my yarn stash

How will I get all of this done?
I will:
10)not read any of the 100+ blogs in my Reader feed


Music Quest said...

Wow!!! Good for you, that is quite a list. I love to see how you take time for yourself everyday.


Amy Button said...

That sounds like a fabulous day :D

mindy said...

sounds like a plan to me....hope you accomplish everything on your list!

JessRaquel said...

Hope your day goes according to plan! =)

claibornes corner said...

Good Luck!

Mary said...

Sounds like a very good plan. Do let us know how it all went.