Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, hi.
If you already follow me on facebook or twitter, you already know that I've been mighty sick. Some nasty stomach bug hit me on Saturday night, ruined my Mother's Day and made it impossible for me to sit up on Monday. Tuesday, I thought things were going well, but I was wrong.
So, I have now lost a good, solid three days to this thing.
I'm sitting up right now - for now. I'm feeling optimistic that this is the day. This has to be the day I get back to life. My life doesn't easily allow me to just slip out for three or four days without consequences. Paperwork is piling up, the absolute busiest weeks of the school year are upon us, I have field trips to chaperone, recitals to attend and the list goes on and on.

At any rate, that is where I have been. If today proves to be the day I can get back to life, I will still need a couple of days to catch up. I hope to see you all soon here and pick up where we left off. I really do.

Right now? I kinda want to sleep. Sigh. I don't have time for more sleep.


Julianna said...

Feel better soon so that we can enjoy Friday night!!! Tell Chris I packed the Masters of the Universe pack :)

Mary said...

I'm so sorry. I hate that sort of wipe out.

I hope you are feeling amazing "betterness" very soon.

claibornes corner said...

Don't get up and going too quick - you need to get over it first...

Music Quest said...

I'm really sorry to hear that you have been sick. I'm new and love reading your ongoing trek thru life.

Meg :)

Amy Button said...

So sorry. I'm sure they're planning a do-over, right? No mom should get gypped out of a day off :D

Christy said...

Thanks so much, everybody. And Meg - welcome! I'm so glad you're here :)