Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fine Art Indeed

So, this was just a Friday. Nothing too crazy for most of the day.
I got to have lunch with my man and I knitted a little bit on a shrug I'm trying to get done. I edited some pictures I took of the kids and their cousins when we were in Indiana visiting Chris' family. I took a bubble bath and washed some dishes.
You know, regular old stuff.

But I did wash the dishes in a pretty dress.
And I taught piano lessons in a pretty dress.
I spent my whole afternoon in a pretty dress.
I had somewhere special to go.

I have a friend who is an Artist. He had a couple of pieces in a gallery with the opening-night reception going on downtown.
He's a very old, very dear friend.
Okay, fine.
He was my first boyfriend.
My first love, my first smooch - you know. All that good stuff.
He's brilliantly talented and always has been. He used to make incredibly intricate things out of paper. He drew for me a set of amazing tropical birds to hang in my room. When my parents moved my bedroom out to the laundry room to save space (hey - it was part of the garage and practically a whole separate house! it was awesome!), he painted giant music notes and symbols on the cabinet doors that lined one of my walls. In short, he's been creating since I've known him and much further back. And he's really good at it.
He's recently left his job to pursue something he loves (hm. that's a familiar-sounding story...) and is now a painter. His work is marvelous.

Am I gushing too much?

Sigh. It's just that - I've always believed in his talent and I'm so happy to see him doing something he loves.

Emma, being something of a creative soul herself, insisted on coming along - even though her timely arrival for ballet class was in utter peril. I'm telling you, we live on the edge here in my family.
So, she and I, wearing pretty dresses (out of respect for the Art), went downtown to an art gallery. It felt very important, I tell you.

Not only did I love seeing his work in person, she really did too. She was so moved by the paintings (one in particular) and by her personal connection to the artist.

So, since I know you're reading, Brandy:
Thank you for supporting him and caring for him the way you do. It makes such a difference. I can tell, even if it's from a distance.
And make sure he knows that my little one was moved to tears, so - at least for one small person, his message came through.


Mary said...

Ivan saw the last one "defective" and said, "Aw, poor guy."

I think it's pretty cool when you can paint a robot that draws emotion.

I'm glad you were able to go and see what your friend has been able to do. I'm sure you are quite proud of him.

Amy Button said...

Wow! That's pretty fantastic. So glad you girls got to go in your pretty dresses...I can just see it :)

claibornes corner said...

very nice art - he's talented!

Pengiknits said...

Thanks so much for coming. It really meant a lot to us. I am glad that Emma really enjoyed herself.

christina said...

For some reason, "Introspective" reminds me of a quote by George Herbert: "By all means, use some times to be alone. Salute thyself--see what thy soul doth wear."

Also wondering who labeled "Defective." How do they know he doesn't have an incredibly valuable anomaly?

Crap. Now I'm going to be sad the rest of the day.