Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catching Up

I'm hoping to catch up a little bit with this post. We have so incredibly much going on in our little family right now! So. A few pictures and a few words, yes?

The Sunday before The Mother's Day Sickness, Emma had her annual piano recital. She played beautifully and seemed a bit less nervous than she has been in previous years. I'm really rooting for that girl. I hope she can conquer this stage fright issue because she has so much to give.

In every recent picture of Andrew, he is making this exact face:

My fantastically random, bee-keeping neighbor caught me on my way out of the driveway not long ago and asked if I could drop his grandson off at school. An unusual request, but sure. I was going that direction. Why not? I found a nice thank-you gift on my porch when I came home. I love my neighbor.

The kids took their inaugural Summer Swim at Grandma's last week on a sunny, hot day (though all of our days seem to be hot and sunny at this point). It was also my nephew's first-ever swim! He was so funny about the water. He's very serious, analyzing everything carefully.

Andrew was inducted into National Junior Honor Society. We are so proud, of course. It should also be known that I was once a member of the same. And I got kicked out. It may have been a paperwork thing, but I don't really remember. I think I'd rather keep the details fuzzy...
All the same, I had my camera set to auto focus. I won't be doing that again. The photos are pretty blurry:

On the same night, Emma's school art department had a show and fundraiser night at our local Chick-fil-a and she won first place! My camera was sitting in the car, so there is no photo of her lovely piece depicting a darling young girl in Paris, wearing a beret, holding a cup of coffee and visiting with a bird who was perched on her shoulder. The bird was also wearing a beret. That girl cracks me up.

As for me, I found out that I have a full scholarship to return to school in the fall. I'm going to be a regular-old, full-time, mommy-going-back-to-school. I never thought that would happen in my life and I don't mean that in a Lifetime Movie kind of way - you know, the girl with difficult circumstances who realizes the power within and seizes her dreams. I mean, I'm just not a go-to-college kind of person. But here I am. I'm excited. This is a big change for me and for my family.
A scholarship.

So, that pretty much catches us up. The next week holds more concerts and recitals, end-of-the-year picnics and innumerable fees and dues to be paid to these and those. Summer is looking so good, people. It's dangling out in front of me like a juicy slice of cold watermelon. I can't wait!

Oh, by the way, this dude was hanging out at my house today.

And I love him completely.


Music Quest said...

Hye Christy,
Love your latest entry, you have great kids.

What's up with the Whisper Cardy?? Is it for you? If so, you need to finish it.


Amy Button said...

Music people are some of the busiest people I know. There's always a recital or performance or rehearsal or practice to be at, go to or participate in. I'm glad it's all a good busy though since that kind of busy can be very rewarding.

Emma looks so little to be doing the whole recital thing. I nearly died during mine as an adult.

Congrats on Drew and the Honor Society. Trav says he's a really nice looking kid :D I think so too.

claibornes corner said...

Great photos - We are all proud of the kids - and YOU got kicked out????????

JessRaquel said...

I love the pic of Emma playing the piano and your new frog friend! I hope you enjoy college, once you are ready for it.. It becomes a lot easier to enjoy and get through!

Christy said...

Meg - (guilty face) yeah. It's for me. It's been hibernating for a very long time and I might even frog it. I don't *love* it and I've been side-tracked by a shrug and a shawl. Hm. Need to add those to the sidebar...

Amy - Tell Trav that it takes one to know one :)

Nana - Yes, me. Kicked out. It was ugly ;)

JessRaquel - thanks! I think I *will* enjoy it more this time around.

Mary said...

Oh dear. Once again, I have been here but not long enough to comment until now. I mainly want to say that Emma looks so beautiful in these pictures. And Drew is so handsome whether he has any expression or not in his pictures.