Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Promise

Remember when I promised you a panoramic image of that candy counter at the General Store in Indiana? It was a long time ago. You probably forgot. But I didn't!
I don't have Photoshop ($$!), so I've been looking for a good, open-source panorama stitcher and I think I've found one that does what I want it to do. I still need to play with it a little, as the interface is a little foreign to me. But.
Here you go:

There are a few weird spots where the stitching went a bit awry, but overall, this is pretty good, considering I did the whole thing on "auto." Once I figure out all the tools and buttons in the software, I'm sure to be a panorama-stitching fool.


Mary said...

I like it.

Amy Button said...

I want to go there and buy candy...even though I don't eat it :D