Thursday, January 13, 2011

Broadcasting Live From...

Hello friends! I'm writing to you today from a hotel room in Tampa, Florida. That is not very far from where I actually live. In case you were wondering, no - I don't just sometimes stay in a hotel instead of in my house.
My son is in the All State Honors Band (for middle schoolers). This sort of makes me proud.
It makes me so proud I could just burst.
It also makes for a very fun weekend. The All State bands and choruses all come together during the Florida Music Educators Association's annual conference. That means I get to spend my weekend around music teachers, listen to fantastically talented kids making music, attend a few classes (if I want), shop for all the music I could want and eat pizza downtown.
Also, I could just stay in a quiet hotel room with no dishes to wash while Andrew has band practice.
Guess which one I picked?
Yeah. I'm not always an exciting person.

I'm going to get a ton of homework done, though. That's exciting in my book.

It's freezing cold here today. We've had such roller coaster weather - more so than a usual Florida winter. I didn't even really know what to pack for the weekend, but I knew I wanted to wear one of those darling cowls that all the girls seem to be wearing.
So I made one.
Wanna see?

I know you can't see it very well, so I will tell you that one side is a lovely gray linen and the other side is a light weight, dark-ish taupe cotton with gray, flowery vines. I like it a lot and it's really warm, which is good. At least my neck is not covered in goosebumps.

My toes are a little jealous of that.


Amy Button said...

Love the cowl. I see them all over and I didn't know what they were called. Although I'm never actually daring enough to wear one. I realize they aren't actually daring but it just seems like people would look at me more and that would be weird...or maybe I'm just weird...

Anyway, good job and congrats to Andrew :)

Christy said...

Well, you're no more weird than I. That's for sure.

frabjouspoet said...

Sometimes, getting homework caught up IS exciting. :)