Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Technology Tzars gave us a super-cool present this year for Christmas. They set us up to go geocaching. In case you don't want to click on the link to find out what it is, I'll just briefly explain that it's kind of like a treasure hunt. People bury little boxes of fun treasure and hunters use GPS receivers to find them. We decided to look for a bit of treasure while we were in Georgia and our hunt led us to an incredibly old cemetery, hidden in the woods.

We did find the cache, but that had very little to do with the amount of fun we had. Mostly, we had so much fun going on an adventure - just the four of us.


frabjouspoet said...

I read about geocaching a few years ago and have wanted to try it out!

Amy Button said...

Oh-my-gosh! That's fantastic and looks like a Christy adventure. You'd just love the old cemeteries here.

So glad you guys had a great time.

Actually that sounds like something Travis and Chloe would *love*. We might have to try it sometime.

penny said...

thanks christy for your posts.
you bring a smile to my face...I hope to see your journals in book form one day...they are a treasure . I am encouraged daily at your approach to life. thank you. sorry I haven't read as much lately but life happens as you know...:)

Christy said...

Alli & Amy - I know both of you would love it. There are varying degrees of difficulty with each cache, so it can be more or less challenging to suit your fancy :)

Penny - yep, you're right. I really do know that life happens :) Glad you found a few minutes to stop by!

Mary said...

I was just thinking about geocaching the other day and wondered if people were still doing it because I hadn't seen anything recently. Reading Owen's Hardy Boys series with him makes this even more appealing to me. I've been wanting to set up a treasure hunt for the boys this summer so I'm further inspired.

Anonymous said...

Fun! I'm going to have to try that. Also, love the pics from the cemetery. Very cool!