Monday, January 10, 2011

If I Only Had a Brain

I came home to discover that the pinto beans I had carefully soaked last night, then rinsed and placed in the crock pot under the prescribed two inches of water, were actually still cold.

I forgot to turn the crock pot on.

So, I figured I still had time to just boil them. They'd soaked for about 20 hours by then and they should boil up just fine.

I poured the whole mess into a big pot, turned it on and went about my afternoon business. I started to smell the beans and thought I'd better go turn the heat down, but once I walked into the kitchen I realized that my stove top had basically become a bean juice hot tub.

The pot boiled over and then some. I have one of those flat-surface stove tops, and the sides rise up neatly around it, about like the lip of a cookie pan.

I think I should just order a pizza.

Daily Bliss: girls' movie night tonight! on the agenda? Johnny Depp.
Wakeup Playlist: Mumford & Sons, The Cave


Amy Button said...

Oh, I've never done that before...with a pork roast that sat on the counter all day that I then had to throw away...ahem.

Pizza is good.

Mary said...

I hate days like that. I hate throwing food away. I have done things like that way. too. often. I hate making mistakes too, but I won't mention that. I hope your pizza was wonderful.

mindy said...

Oh no! :( Glad we had our evening of truffles and Chocolat to help you forget the bean disaster. And thanks again for the girl time....I needed it. :)