Monday, January 19, 2009

Beach Day

We spent our day off at the beach today. I hope you readers in northern parts of the country are still with me and didn't just close your browser in disgust. I mean, it wasn't like it was warm or anything, but sometimes you just have to go somewhere - anywhere - as far away from anything as you can get. And today provided the perfect opportunity. We were uncertain until this morning whether we'd go. A "cold" front is coming through the area and it promised rain and super-chilly winds. But, we had a window of time between the rain and the wind, and it corresponded with this morning, so we put on our sweat pants and long-sleeved shirts and took off. And it was really beautiful. I wish you all could have gone with me, so I took lots of pictures and I hope that, maybe, your ears and noses will warm up just looking at them.

Because of the changing weather and wind, the water was really rough today, and there was an incredible amount of sea foam all over the place! I have never seen so much of it!

It's like Mr. Bubble had been vacationing at Reddington Shores.

Only, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want to bathe with these bubbles, no matter how enticing they are up close.
We found beautiful treasures and textures on the shore today. Floridians pretty much stay home if it's less than 75 degrees at the beach, so there was very little treasure-hunting competition.

Emma busied herself with building a great civilization. She has a silly song stuck in her head that she sang all day on the beach. It's called The Grizzleback Snookerhog. It's an old song for kids by Joe Wise, who wrote such children's classics as The Epic of Peanut Butter & Jelly and I Love to Color. Excellent tunes if you're on the silly side and think like a 5-8-year-old.
Andrew laid on the beach blanket and read. No surprise there, I guess. He received in the mail this weekend the package of his dreams. Kate heard that he was trying to collect all the Harry Potter books in hard cover and, as she is trying to simplify and clean things out, just worked out perfectly. He's already read all the books, but the receipt of such a package has warranted another go-round.
And me? Well, I knitted. Of course. This is my aunt's (we call her Nana) Christmas present. And I fear it will also be next year's Christmas present. I have nearly twice as far to go on this as I'd thought. Sigh. I am going to try to be fairly monogamous with it, though, until it's done. For the most part. Sorry, Nana. But at least it spent some time at the beach.

Kate, who I just mentioned a second ago, sent me a link to set up a progress bar for projects. You'll see it pop up here soon on the sidebar and that way you can all eagerly await its completion, fists clenched, breath held, cheering me on the whole way! Ha. Just a little dramatic, I guess. But I do love its pretty beads:

The sky was so clear and blue today.

And my smallest bore all the evidence of serious fun being had. Those sandy fingers hardly compared with her sandy butt. Only, the fingers made a much nicer photo.

I enjoyed these bright patches of color - my red knitting and toenails (still from Christmas Eve). I took another photo with the toes in focus and the knitting not, just to compare. I had been thinking it would be interesting, but I decided it was more redundant than anything else. So, just the one photo:

Someone was flying a pretty kite:

Hello, Freckles! We've missed you so. Welcome back to Emma's nose! Hugs & kisses...

I got in the car and was a little startled by my own reflection. Man, I need a haircut!

DAILY BLISS: I had a cup of coffee from a little coffee shop at the beach. It's called Bad Ass Coffee. I laughed out loud as I drank it. And, yeah, I hear you wondering. It pretty much was.


Kate said...

I'm so glad that Drew is enjoying the books. I loved being able to pick up anywhere and just read.

Can't wait to see your progress bar! I have mine showing the status of Natalie's blanket. I finished 1 whole square yesterday and started another. I put myself at 2% since really I have another 48 to make!!

Beach! I'm so jealous. SIGH! At least it didn't snow here today.

Amy said...

OK, I have *never* seen that much seafoam. And, yeah, that didn't help the FL bug that's bitten me really, really hard. I'll post the pictures I took of ice formations soon :) I'm glad you guys had a good time.

claibornes corner said...

OK - Now I'll have a little of the "beach" in my wrap and I love that!! What a nice memory every time I wear it - I do hope it's not next Christmas Tee Hee. I'm getting better with my Doggie Blanket - not so many holes. I want to try some fingerless gloves but I cannot figure out any of the patterns. I'll finish the blankie first. You know what - I don't smoke when I'm knitting!!! Love the Beach pictures...

nate said...

no way. i had no idea the foam was that huge. it looks like a prank!

viva la montagne,

christina said...

i am so jealous. bad ass is never open when we are there. have been dying to see if it lives up to its name.

60ish and Glad said...

Bad Ass coffee makes me think of that coffee bean - Kopi Luwak that is swallowed by some Indonesian animal who poops it out and is then picked up by natives and made into coffee. They call that coffee "Exotic and gourmet"..... should call it Bad Ass.

Mary said...

Okay...your mom's comment totally has me cracking up. I've never heard about that coffee and that's just too funny.

Love the beach pictures. I'm not a beach pictures of it, love remembering being there, love the color, the air, the sound...but I hate sand. The picture of Emma's fingers totally reminded me why I don't go often. We had beaches in Michigan and HUGE dunes...but we rarely went...I guess my parents weren't beach people either. I actually prefer going when it's cold because I'm covered more and take less sand home with me. They should hand out beach coveralls for people like me. I could just peel it all off before getting into my car. :)

frabjouspoet said...

I'm so glad you opted for the sandy fingers shot. Bad Ass coffee *and* a sandy butt would have been too much for your readers. :)