Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Magnificent. Glorious. Resplendent.

What is this of which I speak? Oh, it's just my husband's beard.

To paraphrase the great Tenacious D*, This is not the greatest beard in the world, no, this is just a tribute.

Y'all know how I love a good beard.
I listen to musicians that have great beards (Sam Beam, Ray LaMontagne, the Avett Brothers, and Jim James, to name a few, but probably not Joaquin Phoenix).
I love movie characters with great beards (Leonidas from 300 - who kinda looks like my hubby anyway...maybe it's the teeth).
I snuck a picture once of a trolley driver with a fantastic beard.
Heck. I've even bought root beer because the dude on the label was sportin' a great amount of chin fur.

It's safe to say that I'm a fan.

I think it's a childhood thing. I come from hippies. Jesus people hippies, but still, they were hippies. Every guy had a guitar, a Volkswagen bus and a beard. And he probably wore flannel shirts all the time. We sang around camp fires, went to music festivals and all that sort of thing. So, I think the beard is just a happy thing for me. I inherently trust people with beards. Tattoos too, but that's another post entirely.

So, my patient, loving, considerate man decided he'd grow one. Just for me. And I simply adore it.
I hear you asking, now, why this post is called "Tribute."
Because he's shaving it off. He can't take it any more.
I've been putting it off by procrastinating this post. He promised to leave it on until I took pictures for my blog. And I've been meaning to post this for a good month or so now, but haven't taken pictures yet. So I read about beards on another blog today (great pictures and he's a Vineyard pastor too, which is where our little house church has its roots), and that, coupled with a dire warning from my hubby (I'm planning to cut my hair tonight, and if I nick this beard on accident, it's gone whether you've posted or not) spurred me to action. I had wanted to take nice, outside, well-lit and creative photos. But these will do.
Sigh. I will miss it.

But even my patient, loving, considerate husband has his limits. Especially when it comes to beards and posing for pictures.

BLACKOUT NIGHT UPDATE: If you are new here or just popping in for some reason and don't already know, my family takes one night a week and turns off the TV, game systems, computers and lights, eats a no-cook supper and plays board games by candle light. We call it Blackout Night. It helps us to focus on each other and quiet ourselves for a bit. We are trying to ease back into it after the craziness of the holiday season and it's not gone too well yet! But tonight, we made progress. An almost-no-energy dinner of black bean and asparagus salad with whole-grain crackers was enjoyed by all as we collapsed into the living room furniture, exhausted from our day and too tired to find candles to light. We'll try again next week.

DAILY BLISS: Seeing photos of my friend's new pet. It's a teacup-sized pot bellied pig!! I promise to take pictures for you if I ever see it in person.

*I absolutely cannot endorse their music. But the song "Tribute" was pretty funny. And I love Jack Black. There, I said it. He's my celebrity crush. And not just for the beard, either.


Mary said...

Beards are nice on some people...I admit, your Chris looks nice in one. Mine...not so much. Which is good because I'm into clean shaven faces.

I can't imagine wearing one. It seems like it would be irritating, so you can't blame a guy for wanting to shave it off. And on that same note, you sure can give him kudos for growing one just for you.

60ish and Glad said...

Well, sigh - I like a beard too. I suppose I oughtta! I never saw my hubby without a beard until after we were married. And- that too - is a blog in itself.

Amy said...

I had an episode once with my dad and a beard and me freaking out...long story.

Chris does look nice in a beard, I'm sorry it's leaving you.