Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All-Girls Road Trip, Part 6

We are home.
Four generations of girls took a road trip.

I found it funny that each of us manifested our back-seat driver issues in our own special ways. Nobody is born a back-seat driver. It develops over time, largely in response to the specific male who sits in the driver's seat.
My grandma was constantly thinking we had missed exits or were on the wrong highway. She followed the signs meticulously. Because my grandpa was always making wrong turns and getting lost and running out of gas.
My mom always made sure that I was in the specific lane she wanted me to be in because my dad zones out and misses his exits all the time.
I asked my mom every hour or so if she was okay or if she was tired. Because my husband has drifted off to sleep at the wheel before.
Just an observation.
Emma and G-ma kept each other company in the back seat the whole way.

My hope is that Emma made many memories over this time that she can keep with her forever. Memories of her G-ma caring for her and being interested in her games and stories.
A lot of our drive home looked like this:

No kidding - we woke up to flash flood warnings this morning. But, no matter. We were determined to make a few stops that the boys never let us make and just enjoy the ride home.
We stopped at an antique mall

and at an outlet mall.

And we managed to run into this shifty character at a Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, on his way home from business travel:

We are glad to be home, of course, but so glad to have taken this incredible trip together.


Amy said...

Wow what a trip. After having gone on a dozen or so trips to Arkansas I can't imagine shoving all of that into such a short period of time. It all sounds lovely though. I've told Travis several times that we should take a trip to AR because parts of it are so pretty.

I can't believe you managed to meet up with Chris! How cool...

claibornes corner said...

Loved every moment of your post and the pictures. I know it was something you will never forget and what an experience for Emma.

Jessica said...

What a trip! I wish I was able to do something like that with my family when I was younger. I'm sure it's something Emma will always hold close to her heart. Now, you got me thinking about a girl's only road trip. I always see so many places I want to stop, but there's just never "enough time"!

Mary said...

I am sure that Emma will remember this as one of the highlights of childhood. What a blessing! Sounds like a great trip and I can think of few gals who would have soaked as much of it up as you four. I think God likes to bless people more when He knows they'll make the most of it.

Love the picture of the window frames from the antique store. Very cool.

60ish and Glad said...

It amazes me how you can take it all in and still manage to shoot over a thousand photos! I wish I had that bath and massage today after two days of rain!