Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Best Kind

Old friends are just the best kind of friends.
I know I've said it before, but my friends in school were almost all boys. Kris (whose wife Mary is a friend here on this blog) and I were best of friends starting in the 7th grade and Shane came along soon after. Jayson (whose parents are now Andrew's English and Science teachers) and I went to prom together one year. Becky joined up with us sometime around 9th grade or 10th, maybe, and helped me take care of these fellas - we gave them all funny nicknames and committed sundry other crimes against them. And Shawn kind of came into the fold around the time that I was leaving those boys for the man who is now my husband.

Tonight, I got to hang out with my boys and their Best Girls, my Becky and all of our children! What a treat! My husband seems to remember that it has been some 10 years since we were all in the same room. If you include Becky in that number, it's been even longer.

Our number has definitely increased since then. Some of us have taken the Biblical mandate of "be fruitful and multiply" very seriously. There are 12 children between us all!

We'd planned to meet at a park and enjoy eating dinner outside and just letting the kids run, but the weather didn't cooperate. We had so much rain today, which was wonderful for my tomatoes but not so much wonderful for a picnic. It's okay, though, we just moved our gathering into this indoor play place that's full of giant inflatables and arcade games. We got no complaints from the kiddos on that one.
It's really cool to search the faces of all the little ones in the room and find glimpses of your dear friends as they were so many years ago.
Thanks go to Kris for working this all out. He always did like to be in charge of things. That used to kind of piss me off because I like to be in charge of things. But now, I'm so glad that he doesn't mind being the Organizer of Great Fun.

DAILY BLISS: A late supper of toast and chocolate annnnd....no fewer than five people stopped me today to tell me they *loved* my dress! Of course, I'm talking about my Easter dress. The one I made.


Amy said...

How fun! It's so cool that you guys were all able to get together. I think it's been about 10 years since we've seen Jayson and Michelle although we talk about it when we're going to Lakeland.

Kris is really good at getting people together and he doesn't mind doing it- nice.

Toast and chocolate- funny- that's my kind of dinner.

Mary said...

We had such a good time. We ended up going out for dinner Wednesday night with the family and had some extended family over on Thursday. I always wish we had more hang out time...and next time maybe we should get babysitters. I love seeing all the kids but there was a whole lot of running involved. A little limping too. :)