Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Public Interest Announcement

Toward the best interest of my reading public, (all three of you) and so that you know it is not always homegrown-tomatoes-and-sewing-success-and-knitted-goodness around here, please take notice of the following announcements:

1) I have saggy, dark circles under my eyes as of about two o'clock this afternoon
2) I hate my job and I'm not sure how to gracefully get out of it, or even when I'll be able to
3) #2 makes the majority of my waking hours subject to unbidden daydreaming
4) #3 makes me less productive than I should be
5) I am very tired. I found myself sitting on the sofa today, with an hour and a half at my disposal. I could not, however, seem to coax my body into action. My body just sat there, leafing through old issues of InStyle Magazine that were passed on to me today and noticing dresses that it liked while my mind shouted, "What are you doing? Get up and cross something off that insurmountable list!"
6) I just wandered through the Super Wal Marts, listening to Kings of Leon on my iPod, for a two-weeks-overdue grocery trip (not that old mommies grocery shopping at Wal Mart is probably what they're after as far as an audience goes). I managed to leave there having purchased only one dinner's worth of groceries but spending over $100. Granted, we were out of almost every imaginable toiletry item. But still.
7) It's all good. Not hitting rock bottom or anything. Just feeling "bleh."

DAILY BLISS: balmy, breezy, nighttime, Florida spring air


Kate said...

Maybe you need seasons! We just had a change of seasons up here and generally people seem a whole lot happier!


Amy said...

So sorry. It sounds like burnout to me. I've totally been there, not sure how to fix it though. Who says that sitting down and reading InStyle is a bad thing? Everybody's brain needs some down time- even super creative ones :)

I *love* balmy, breezy, nighttime Florida spring air.

Mary said...

I hate "bleh" and I'm sorry you're feeling it. I am confident that things will come around and you will feel far more soon.

Just a reminder though...regardless of how "bleh" things around you are...YOU are anything but "bleh."

claibornes corner said...

Sometime you just need to be a couch potato!!! It's good for the soul...

60ish and Glad said...

Get up! Grab yourself by the boot straps! Sieze the day. Make a difference - change your now. (Well mostly I said all that because you expected to hear it from me....but overall - telling my mind positive affirmations has helped me....it's just I never seem to be able to do it when I am feeling "bleh".