Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Good Stuff

I haven't been here in a couple of days. That's not like me. I know it's not like a few days between posts is a huge time lapse, but for me it is. I guess I just haven't felt like writing anything. I'm tired and I'm having more trouble handling some of the stress in my life than I want to admit. Heck, even admitting that I have stress is difficult for me. So, it's hard for even me to find the good things in life sometimes. And I don't like to write about the crappy stuff. It doesn't help that much.
But I've been amassing a stack of good stuff over the last couple of days and I think it's about time I sit down and remember the little things.
Friday night, I had big plans. I had actually cancelled some long-standing plans to make room for the big plans. And the big plans fell through. Not the kind of fall-through where you have advance notice, just the silent kind of fall-through. And at 6:30 Friday night, I really needed something to cheer me up. And one of Emma's friends' mom called me up to invite my girl and me to see the new Hannah Montana movie. Hannah Montana is something we really haven't gotten into. It's not that I have anything against's just that I tend to omit brand names from our life wherever possible. But we partook of the pop culture phenomenon that is Miley Cyrus and we had such a great time. And I didn't even hate it. I hear that she's kind of a fan of my brother's band. Admittedly, that bumped her up, like, 8 notches of cool in my book.
So, Friday night was rescued.
Then Chris and I stayed up way too late catching up on all of our TV shows online that we'd missed while he was out of town.
And you know what else is good stuff? Sleeping in. I slept until 9:00 this morning! Uncharacteristic of me, but totally necessary sometimes. It seemed I especially needed it.
I made some vegan pancakes this morning that were actually tasty (my unfortunate allergy to eggs and intolerance of dairy makes bread-y food a little tricky and I've found that searching for vegan recipes usually saves the day for me). And we spent some time in our garden weeding and watering and picking a few of the first tomatoes.
We went out to run a few errands and stopped by the nursery where we bought all our tomatoes. I was a-huntin' for some okra, as I hear it grows well over the summer and now is the time to get it in the ground. I actually had three holes to fill in our little patch of veg. The guy there recognized us and when I picked up the dragon's tongue bean seedling I loved the most, he just threw in the rest of the seedlings he had on hand for free! There were only four others left and they needed to get into the ground. So, hooray for a nursery that knows me and for free plants and wonderful advice! Since I needed to put them out somewhere and since our lettuce is pretty much done for the year, I dug it all out when we got home and started a little bean patch. It hasn't been all sunshine-and-success in our garden, but I think we're off to a great start. He's got some miniature watermelons and cantaloupes that will be ready next week and I think I'm gonna have to go get some. Dang. I'm hooked.
We enjoyed a dinner of BLTs, with the L and the T coming from our very own garden, and a yummy popcorn concoction containing chocolate chips, toasted coconut and banana chips while we watched The Princess Bride with the kiddos. That was momentous! I think they both really liked it.
A day full of the good stuff is what I really needed, and I'd say I got just that. One more night of solid sleeping should set me back right, I think.


60ish and Glad said...

It is amazing what family hanging out and fun can do to the spirit. God knew what he was doing when he set us into families.

Amy said...

It all sounds like fun. We haven't done the Hannah Montana thing either because I usually shun all of those "in the moment" kid stars. For some reason they annoy me. But I did break down and buy Chloe some HM tennis shoes because they were on clearance. Funny.

Mary said...

I cannot wait until the boys can watch Prince Bride with us. There are a few movies like that, that I look at among the DVD's and think one day they'll appreciate that with us.