Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun

Today was the big Typhoon Lagoon field trip with Emma. We really had a good time. We ran into one of her girlfriends first thing, so we spent the day hanging out together. This girlfriend has a mom I actually really like, so that's a bonus. There were a couple of water slides and a long ride around the park in Castaway Creek and mostly there was the wave pool.
I went to Typhoon Lagoon when it first opened with a friend of mine. We must have been in our early teens, though I'm not really sure, so it was fun to go back and see the things I remembered. Theme parks are not really my thing, but I was able to set that aside and just enjoy the company of my Best Girl, which makes any day a great day.
The swimsuit/coverup debacle is another story.
I found this cute little shirred-top strapless dress-ish, skirt-ish thing that you can wear up like a dress or down like a skirt. It's polka dotted, which I adore, and has a ruffle at the bottom, which I also adore.
I'd planned to stay mostly dry. But that ended almost immediately upon entering the park. The first wave in the wave pool soaked me and I spent the rest of the day in a dripping wet, woven cotton, droopy dress thing.
Oh well.
I have never really been able to pull off the whole "glamorous" look, so it was not surprising at all. Nor was it upsetting. Whatevs.
We dug around in the fridge for leftovers to serve as supper and played a couple rounds of Dirty Uno (No, no. It's not that sort of dirty!)while listening to Anberlin, and the face time with my kids has done my tired heart some good.
Tomorrow is haircut day! Maybe I'll get around to taking some decent photos this time around. I don't believe I've properly shown you my super-short hair! Ah well. I'll only take pictures if it's cute. Deal?
Emma has got the sun-sleepies and was out like a light within five minutes of laying down and I think I may be heading in the same direction.

Daily Bliss: a giant bag of cotton candy and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from eating leftovers instead of eating out.

Wake-up Playlist: I actually woke up singing some song my brain wrote while I was sleeping. I don't remember it now. Does that happen to anybody else out there? I write songs in my dreams all the time. I've always wanted to be a songwriter, but I never can seem to break the barrier when I'm awake and access the music that lives in my heart.


60ish and Glad said...

Can't say that I have written songs in my dreams waking up to the song....but I have awakened in the midst of a loudly proclaimed well wordsmithed oracle to a large crowd of awed indivuduals....more than once.

Jessica said...

I'm with you on the glamorous, I gave up trying to achieve that look a couple of years ago. This makes me want to go to a water park! Sounds like you had fun

Amy said...

Sorry for the dress debacle. I also hate doing the bathing suit thing in front of people I know. It seems to be better stripping down to nearly nothing if you don't know any of the people around you. It's so nice that you had that time with Emma, Chloe *loves* it when I'm able to go on a field trip with her.

I do write songs in the middle of the night while I'm sleep/waking. I did actually remember one for the first time a couple of weeks ago and put down words and some chords. I was really excited but I've since forgotten about it...I should probably start working on that again.

Christy said...

Amy, I'm glad I'm not the only midnight songwriter :)

claibornes corner said...

We needed pictures of that wave hitting you!!!!!

Mary said...

I have written songs in my sleep but it hasn't happened in a long time. I was able to write one down once and it was absolutely crazy. Nothing anyone would ever want to actually sing.

Swimsuits have been an enemy of mine for a long time. I have recently purchased some nylon shorts and will hopefully find a swim top to go with them soon. I think that will be my choice for this summer. I'm trying to achieve sporty in this look...we'll see what happens.