Thursday, May 14, 2009


We had so much rain today! Hooray! It's still raining, actually.
This afternoon shoved me around a lot, from place to place, and I only accomplished some of what needed to be done, but sometimes it's good to be busy. At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself today.
There was gardening to be done, children to pick up at clubs, dinner to be made, a grocery store errand and a hair color purchase (it's been too grays have grown out at least a half-inch on top!). Emma and I left early for ballet and dodged the torrent as we headed toward Hancock's for some patterns and fabric goodies. They're having a good sale and Emma has to dress like a fairy for an oral book report. Obviously that means I have to make her a fairy dress and obviously, that calls for a trip to the fabric store, yes? So that's what we did. We dashed in and out of the store and dashed into ballet where I

just sat

and knitted.

And that was quite wonderful. Knitting has fallen a bit by the wayside in the crush of end-of-school-year schedules. Not entirely, but I'd say it's been several days at least since I had a chunk of knitting time.
I had beautiful thoughts throughout the day that were going to be turned into a post. They have all evaporated. I know there were deep and lovely things about the beauty of daily life, I just can't remember what they were.
What I will do is update my project progress bars and leave you for now. Perhaps tomorrow will bring time to mull over dreams and plans and the changing landscape of my inner life. The rest of tonight shall be spent listening to the rain falling in the dark, cascading over my porch steps and soaking my garden.

Daily Bliss: laughing out loud at sitcoms with my honey
Morning Tune: bonus! two songs today! Young Bride (Midlake) again and 17 (Kings of Leon)

PS: I need help naming that song footer that I decided to start including...Subconscious Soundtrack? Dream Tunes? I'm looking for just a couple of words (or a few words) to indicate that they are songs I do not pick, that I just wake up singing and don't know why :) All suggestions are welcome!


claibornes corner said...

Yeah for Rain!!!

claibornes corner said...

Check out Johnny Lang and Josh Stone - When Love Comes to Town - we do that one too and I love Johnny Lang

hannah said...

How about wake up call?

Amy said...

A fairy costume! I can't wait to see it.

So happy for you guys and the rain. We had a drought here a couple of years ago (temperatures up to 106!) and it We've been sort of waterlogged here lately though and I hope that happens for you guys too.

Mary said...

You're situation reminded me of when, in high school, I accidentally set my alarm to wake to music instead of alarm. My dream about a couple of classmates was completely integrated into the tune from the radio that came on. My friends were walking down the hall at my school singing in harmony and one of them had a guitar and played really well. They sounded just like the Judds.

So...Music Mode is what I thought of, but it needs too much explanation...don't you think?

I'm laughing at myself.

A.M. Playlist
A.M. Radio
Random Radio
Silly Songs with Christy

That's all I got tonight.

I'll bet you're glad.