Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soaking It In

My heart is full, my eyes are tired, my belly is still trying to make sense of dinner (pasta? at 9:30 PM? what?). The fairy costume has remained untouched today. It's a good thing they can choose to do their reports on Wednesday or Thursday.
The entire day has been saturated with Yankee rain. You know the kind? Well, if you don't live here you do. Florida's rain drops are fat and violent. They splat and pelt. And when Florida's rain comes down, it's accompanied by startling cracks of thunder and lightning. But today's rain has been more what I remembered from my Midwestern childhood. All day long it rained, heavy clouds hung in the gray sky, and it was a soaking, deep, gentle rain. At one point, it was even misting out there. Mist! The snow of the above-freezing precipitation world. It drifts and floats to the ground, getting there whenever it feels like it should and not a moment sooner. The mist brought a very un-May-ish chill to the air. I rather enjoyed the change.
Emma's SAT scores are in for the year and they were astounding. I was explaining the results to her while we were still in the classroom and her teacher actually asked me to move out of earshot of the other children. I think I won't post them all, but know that my second grader received two post-high-school scores. Awesome.
Andrew's spring band concert was this evening and it was so impressive. The director is very talented and she's got, I think, a fantastic music program going. It's fun to see all those kids on stage. Some of them are nervous, some are having fun and some are more in tune with their instrument than others. He did well and enjoyed himself immensely, which is the whole point. We went out for dinner afterward, since we hadn't time to eat before the concert. He was behind a music stand the whole time, but I took a picture anyway (Drew's the one in the middle):

And now I find my eyes will not stay open any longer. Fairy costume. Tomorrow.

Daily Bliss: English peas for a snack! It's so fun to unzip their little pods and see all the peas lined up in there, just waiting to be eaten. The kids liked them almost as much as I did. which is saying a lot.
Wake-up Playlist: Winter Birds -Ray LaMontagne


claibornes corner said...

We are so proud of both Emma and Andrew - obviously Emma didn't get any of that from Nana!!!!

Mary said...

Rain, rain. It does such marvelous things.

Go Emma with those SAT scores. And Drew...humbly carrying the band behind his music stand...way to go.

Love the picture.

Amy said...

I'm so excited that it's finally raining for you guys. I love FL storms because they make me feel sleepy and comfy. But the constant drizzle that you can actually go outside and splash in puddles is fabulous too. I only remember having those a few times.

Way to go miss Emma!

Poor band guys. I mean, it's fabulous that Andrew is doing so well but they get lumped in there hidden by music stands. Maybe I see it that way because I'm a soprano and we like to be the center of attention. Whatever the case, it's very cool to see him performing like that. You're one blessed Momma.