Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Hair, Mushrooms and a Little Music

Haircut day! Haircut day! It's my favorite.
No matter how yucky I feel when I get there, I always leave my hairdresser's chair feeling like a million bucks. Usually, he asks me what I want to do with my hair and I shrug and tell him to do whatever he feels like doing. It's always good. But I'd just recently made Chris sit down and watch Amelie with me, one of my favorite movies. It has subtitles. It took me a long time to convince him it was good. He did like it. Please don't take away any of his man points for that. I promised him his points were safe, but I think we will have to watch Wolverine and the new Star Trek movie to make up for the fact that Amelie is a French movie. And possibly a John Wayne movie too.
Anyway, I love her hair. So, I asked my hair guy for something like it, but a little less severe. He pointed out how nice it is to have a hairdresser that likes foreign films, because he knew exactly what hair I was talking about and also knew exactly how to adapt it to make it work on me. He and his wife own the movie. He's so cool.
I tried to make an Amelie face for a picture, but it was really, really awful. So here's a couple of less-awful ones:

Also, there were some cute little mushrooms growing out of a tree root by our neighbor's fence. I was taking pictures of my hair when I saw them and they distracted me. I went down on all fours in my pink sundress and started taking pictures and trying to get the aperture and the shutter speed set just right. Oh me. What must my neighbors think?

I love these sneaky little ones, stretching out after their nap in the cracks of the bark.

Aaaannnnd, the kids had their last recital of the school year this evening!
Emma played three pieces on the recorder and one of them was an original composition! I am so proud of her. She wanted to play the flute, but her arms aren't quite long enough to reach, so her teacher started her out on recorder. She was extraordinarily nervous and, though her performance was nearly flawless, she burst into tears the minute she stepped off the stage. My poor girl. I understand exactly how she feels.
On the other end of the spectrum is her brother, who is quite the confident performer. He played two piano pieces, a euphonium solo, a duet with another euphonium player and a brass ensemble piece. He was brilliant. He was not flawless, but he shrugs that kind of stuff right off and keeps going.
I am so blessed to have been given charge of these two amazing people.

(warming up)


Daily Bliss: Clearance lip balm from the happiest place on Earth - Anthropologie! I really like lip balm and it's in a fancy little tin. Lurve.
Wake-Up Playlist: Some piano song that I wrote in my dream. It's gone now, but I am left with a lingering desire to return to my first instrument


frabjouspoet said...

The hair is perfect! I love it!

Amy said...

Love the hair. Love the mushrooms. Love the talented kiddos!!!

60ish and Glad said...

The recitals were magnificant. Emma' originalwas brilliant and it moved me to tears. Andrew is so darn good a few mistakes are only because he is stretching his skill with music way beyond the possible. What a boy.

Where'is that shawl I can't wait to touch and wear?

claibornes corner said...

Love love love the haircut - and we really have to do something about this "stage fright" - a little "Scotch"?????

Mary said...

Purty hair. Very cute.

Those mushrooms are so cute too. What fun little guys. didn't even mean to say that.

So glad the kids did well at their recitals. Bless you for all your hard work in keeping them active, focused and enjoying what their good at.