Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My boss is out of the office for the rest of the week. I had planned on really digging into the blankie I'm knitting while he's away, but I didn't get much done today. I mean, it isn't like I had a lot to do. My job is pretty easy and once I've finished the main task for the week (which takes me about one full work day), I'm pretty much done. But I had a copier repair man in my office all day and the Treasurer was in to do some paperwork and the Director of Music came in to do some of her practicing for Sunday. So, with all of that company, I had to try and look busy - you know, like I was doing actual work. So, I checked my email 50 gazillion times and read lots of blogs so that I looked like I was doing computer-ish work. But knitting on a huge red blanket would have probably looked bad. So I even cleaned out my purse for heaven's sake.
But I had a fun evening. I had to shop for a swimsuit coverup and I took myself out to the movies. People look at you in an understanding way when you go to the movies by yourself. But I didn't mind.
But the shopping. Ugh.
I have to go to Typhoon Lagoon on Friday for a field trip.
Now, I am a self-confident, intelligent woman. I have long since given up judging myself based on the size of my thighs. But you know, I have never enjoyed wearing a bathing suit in public. Not even when I was a pocket-sized teeny-bopper. And I haven't been swimsuit shopping in probably six years. I'm really not kidding. I haven't owned a swimsuit for that long. If necessity dictates that I must invent a way to get in the water, I usually cobble together something decent out of my mom's selection of suits or my own collection of tank tops and shorts or something equally ghastly.
I did find a nice suit on the first try. It seems to hold me up in all the right places and hold me in in a few other places, which is good. But those places aren't the ones I'm concerned about. It's the parts that are going to be naked regardless of the type of suit that worry me. So I went out searching for a lovely sarong.
It seems to me that fashion has told us sarongs were the way to go for water-side glamour for years now. But does any store have a sarong? No. No, they do not. I will not be glamorous after all. I have brought home two skirt-ish options and I am about to take a deep breath and try on the ensembles in order to choose the least offensive option. That will probably happen after I glug down a glass or wine or two for courage.
Wish me luck.

Daily Bliss: cherries for supper
Wake-up Playlist: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (I know, right? It doesn't make any sense to me either)


claibornes corner said...

go thru your material!!! I'll bet you can come up with a great creative one! I made one out of some kind of tablecloth (I think) I got at a thrift store! Actually wore it out one night....

Christy said...

I know, right? I just haven't been sewing for long enough to have a stash yet! So, I'm out of luck on that.

frabjouspoet said...

My favorite part of shopping for a bathing suit are the signs they have on the wall in the dressing room where they tell you what kind of suit to get to disguise your "trouble" spots. My problem is that I have ALL the trouble spots, and nothing short of sweats will take care of that. I'm sure you'll look fine, and remember that TL is filled with tourists who really won't be paying attention to you. :)

Amy said...

Bathing suit shopping- gaa- the bane of every woman's existence. Believe it or not- I found a sarong at Rainforest Cafe' in Kissimmee that was on clearance for about $4. But last season I saw these things that might have been meant as scarves but they would work perfectly as a sarong at Forever 21. You might check that out if you have one there.

I've had that exact same type of job before- ah the wretched boredom! Here's hoping that everyone else stays away and you can knit to your hearts content :)

Woman on the Edge said...

My trick of bathing suits is finding something that accentuates the D's on my chest. If they are appropriately framed I feel like the rest of it will just fade into oblivion. I know that's not true, but it's a lovely illusion I choose to allow my brain to continue to create.

Also, Ring of Fire was because I'm thinking of you, and because Johnny Cash is totally my man and Ring of Fire is totally my song.

How's that?

Christy said...

Becks, it's all so clear now :) Of course you would have access to my subconscious soundtrack!
I have a pair of knockuhz in that same size and I hope and pray that your philosophy is spot-on!